Things to do before you're 40

The world is filled with beautiful places to see and exciting things to experience. It’s easy to get trapped in daily routines and need to break free of them. Here are 15 things everyone should do Before Turning 40 so that they can live life to the fullest.


  1. Go on a Romantic Trip

romantic trip


Few moments are as filled with romance as a candlelit dinner in Paris or a gondola ride in the canals of Venice. Pick the most romantic locations in Europe and share them all with a lover. Memories like these will be treasured forever, bringing new heat to a long-term relationship.

  1. Have an Adventure in Nature


For those who have not spent a lot of time in the outdoors, venturing into the wilderness may seem daunting. There are, however, many national parks and other areas that allow anyone to safely reach out and touch nature’s wonders. Some thrilling possibilities include hiking a trail that passes many spectacular waterfalls, going whitewater rafting, or even climbing to the top of a mountain.


  1. Learn to Play an Instrument



Music enriches the soul, and anyone can join in by playing an instrument. Beat a lively African rhythm on the drums. Play a classical piece by Bach or Beethoven on the piano. Strum a classic rock riff by The Beatles or Led Zeppelin on the guitar. All it takes is finding a good teacher and being willing to practice.


  1. Journey to a Faraway Land

China lamp


There is much to be said for staying close to home, but everyone needs some variety in life. Across oceans and continents are amazing places, such as Egypt with its pyramids or China with its Great Wall. Be sure to journey to them and have a thrilling adventure at least once.


  1. Speak a New Language



Everyone has a few languages that are especially meaningful to them, whether due to their heritage or because of a love of the culture. From French to Spanish, from Japanese to Swahili, embrace history and diversity by learning to communicate with others around the world.


  1. Visit a Famous Landmark

Eiffel Tower


Most people know of at least one famous landmark that captures their imagination. It might be the Statue of Liberty in New York, or the Colosseum in Rome, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Travel to one or all of these memorable places and enjoy an up close look at a remarkable piece of history.


  1. Taste an Exotic Food

Exotic food


When going on adventures, remember to give the taste buds some exciting things to do as well. Bite into a sweet, juicy fruit that can’t be found at the average grocery store down the street. Or sample a dessert from another culture, such as halva, a delicacy of many Asian and Middle Eastern nations.


  1. See a Favorite Band in Concert



Listening to recorded music is great, but nothing can quite compare with watching bands and musical artists playing live. Some legends of the past, such as the Rolling Stones, are still touring, while new legends, such as Taylor Swift, can be seen in concert as well. Take the opportunity to witness them performing their classic songs.


  1. Start a Serious Collection




Collecting is a very rewarding hobby, and it can be done on just about any budget. From stamps to paintings, from famous records by a talented band to all the innovative films of an award-winning director, there are collectible items to fit anyone’s interests. Pick something special and start building a one-of-a-kind collection.


  1. Get into Great Shape



It is never too late to take charge of one’s health. Don’t worry about trying to attain an unrealistic, perfect body. Instead, pursue practical healthy living. Eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, and head into the coming years with more vitality than ever before.


  1. Take a Road Trip

road trip


One of the best ways to fit in a lot of good sight-seeing while traveling is to go on a road trip. For example, the Pacific Coast Highway in California offers breathtaking glimpses of the Pacific Ocean, and the famous Route 66 has over two thousand miles of nostalgic American locations along the way. Drive at a leisurely pace and don’t miss a thing.


  1. Volunteer to Meet a Local Need



With so many troubles in the world, helping others is something everyone should do. Whether volunteering at a homeless shelter, caring for abused animals, or cleaning up a park, there are many ways to make the world a better place. Choose one and give back to the community.


  1. Look into Family History



Some families may seem to have always led quiet lives, but great stories await in every family tree. Talk to older relatives and discover incredible true tales that were almost forgotten. Research will likely reveal astonishing ancestors who did something important in the past.


  1. Learn to Cook a Delicious Dish



Many people have a favorite food that they don’t know how to cook. With a bit of work, however, anyone can be taught to prepare at least one dish. Perhaps it’s the mouth-watering cookies that Grandma used to make, or the best spaghetti recipe in the world. Learn how to cook it and enjoy eating it all the time.


  1. Make a Dream Come True



Far too many dreams are allowed to slip away during the hectic pace of life. But it doesn’t have to happen. Many goals, such as flying a hot air balloon or meeting a famous celebrity, are possible with enough determination. Find a way to make dreams like these come true.


As the years go by, don’t wait to make memories that will last a lifetime. Start living life Before Turning 40 and embrace an extraordinary future.