Not all parents are able to go out and work at a brick and mortar job. Many are stay-at-home moms and dads that need to be around during the day to take care of their children. This can leave many feeling financially frustrated. There are ways, however, that stay-at-home parents can make extra money, giving them the financial freedom that they need.


Online Surveys


Countless online surveys are available to take. Many of these surveys only pay a few cents at a time, but with numerous surveys taken throughout the day, the money can add up quickly. Some surveys are worth a lot more, but typically those sites require payment first to use.




Blogging is a great way to make money from home. Many blogging sites are available to use, where bloggers can earn income from revenue sharing. They earn a certain percent of revenue costs, depending on how many clicks their blog posts get. Others have started their own blog sites, where they utilize Google Adsense as a way to earn their revenue sharing profits.


Company Rep


Numerous companies are offering discounted prices for those who become company representatives. Companies like ItWorks, Avon, and more use company reps to sell their products. The reps have their own online stores, and make sales for the company, earning a portion of the sales for themselves. They then receive discounts on the products themselves.




Some people are great at knitting and sewing. They can use this to their advantage by sewing and knitting blankets, booties, hats, and other items for those who are interested in purchasing. They can spread the word to friends and family, and even create their own site or Facebook page where product pictures and information can be found.


Babysitting or Pet Sitting


Since stay-at-home parents are at home all day anyways with their own children, many choose to use babysitting as a means for extra income. They either babysit other people’s kids for some extra cash, or they can even choose to pet sit for people when they are out of town.


Stay-at-home parents are not only capable of sitting home with their children. They can utilize a number of services and business ideas to help them earn some extra money all from the comfort of their own home. Those interested in earning additional income while staying home can consider these options, or speak to someone at argent direct to learn more.