high paying job

Sometimes, people find that they made a poor choice when picking a career, or they may want to find a more high paying job. Unfortunately, many people don’t have a bachelor’s degree and don’t have the time or resources to complete one. The following are seven of the highest paying careers for those without a bachelor’s:



  • Paralegals. Paralegals help lawyers prepare cases and provide support while getting ready for court cases. A person can become certified as a paralegal within a year, without any need for an advanced degree. Paralegals have a lot of room for growth, with some making over three figures a year. On average, paralegals make about $50,000 per year.


  • Dental Assistant/Hygienist. While some school is necessary to become a dental assistant, training takes less than a year. This is much less time that a bachelor’s degree requires. Dental hygienists provide regular cleanings and supplement the care given by a dentist. Hygienists can expect to make over $65,000 each year, and according to captaincash, growth within the industry is impressive.


  • Developer. Most companies today hire professionals to handle their web design needs, and web developers do not need to have a formal bachelor’s degree. Often, experience and results are enough to become a developer, but training courses exist also.


  • HVAC Technician. The units that handle heating and cooling in buildings are technologically advanced and require specialized training and experience to maintain. Any time a heating or cooling unit fails, a licensed HVAC technician is needed. HVAC experts average $40,000 a year.


  • Medical Secretary. Medical secretaries today help to digitalize medical records and transcribe doctor’s notes into text. Strong typing skills are need, but training courses can be completed in just a few short months. They typically earn approximately $30,000 per year, but experienced secretaries can earn more.


  • Court Reporter. Court reporters must be able to type very quickly and use shorthand, but they can earn a decent living doing so. They are present during court cases and must transcribe everything that is said while court is in session.


  • Online Marketing Consultant. Online marketing is one of the most important ways for businesses to improve their profits and gain new clients. People who have experience with improving online marketing and social media use can expect to earn over $80,000 each year managing companies’ digital advertising.


While most people believe that a bachelor’s degree is necessary for earning a decent wage, this is not always the case. There are many career options that pay well available for those without a degree. By selecting a high paying job from the list above, people can expect to earn a respectable salary that rivals those with a bachelor’s degree.