Become car-free to save money

Are you looking for cheaper ways to go from one point to another? Do you find you can’t save as much money as you would like because you are always putting money into your car? Now is the time to consider going car-free. Many individuals cannot imagine living this way, yet it can be done and more easily than quite a few imagine. Although making this change may also involve a relocation of one’s residence, there is a way to make this happen. When an occasion does arise where a car is needed, rentals are always available. What should be considered before this alteration in lifestyle is made?

Availability Of Public Transportation




When determining if a car is essential, a person needs to consider the availability of public transportation. Contact transportation authorities to learn about the travel lines in the area and their geographical range. The further a person moves from the city, the fewer options will be offered, thus this needs to be considered when the time comes to relocate. Consider normal activities when doing so, and ensure the public transportation offerings provide access to these activities. Take into account all options also, not simply the bus or train.


Car Sharing




Many cities now offer car share memberships, a program which allows a person to make use of a car when they need to without the expense of owning the vehicle. When determining if this is a viable option, people need to learn where the reserved parking spaces are. They need to be convenient in order for this solution to be of help. In addition, the fees charged need to be taken into account. Many car share programs require both a monthly or yearly fee along with an hourly rate for use of the car. This is above and beyond any application fee and annual fee that is required.


Uber, Lyft, and Taxi Services




Many individuals who live in a major city take advantage of transportation options such as cabs when they need a ride somewhere. Thanks to new services, such as Lyft and Uber, they now have more options when it comes to obtaining a ride. Although this option can be pricey if used regularly, transportation providers continue to come up with new ways to reduce the costs.

For example, Uber now offers an option called Uber Pool, where more than one person can request a ride when they are going the same direction. The driver picks up all parties and the price drops significantly. Although this means more time will be spent in the vehicle, many individuals find they can be productive while being driven to their destination, as they don’t have to do the driving or focus on road conditions.







Humans have two feet to move them from one location to another, yet many people never stop to consider walking to their destinations. Even for those who do own a car, this option should always be considered. Not only will it eliminate any transportation costs, which can be of help to car owners and those who don’t possess a personal vehicle, it is better for the person’s health. Consider walking whenever possible, and you may find you have more money in your back pocket, you lose weight, and you look and feel better too.


Other Transportation Options




Bicycles offer another way to get from one location to another, and a scooter is another option to look into when making this lifestyle change. Although a scooter or bike will also need maintenance, the cost of maintaining one of these items is much lower than a car. Another alternative to contemplate would be a bike share program, an option now offered in many locations. Membership in this type of program typically requires a monthly or yearly fee, yet it is still significantly less than what a person would pay for a public transit pass or to own a personal vehicle.


The Cost Of Owning A Car


car budget


Many families fail to recognize exactly how much it costs to own a car. They look at the initial purchase price for a new or used car and, possibly, the insurance and fees required to put the car on the road. Other factors also need to be taken into consideration, such as the interest that will be paid on the car loan, the gas and repairs, maintenance tasks,l and more. Depreciation is something the majority of owners also fail to take into account, yet it plays a significant role in the cost of owning a vehicle. Other expenses that most drivers neglect include parking fees, tolls, tickets, and more. However, those items can significantly impact the cost of car ownership. Sit down and calculate how much it truly costs to own a vehicle and see why so many are now choosing to go car free.


Should a vehicle be disposed of? The answer to this depends on many factors, thus every individual will need to make this determination themselves. For two-car families, a great way to research the benefits of going this route is to eliminate one car. Live with only one vehicle for a period of time to see how it works and what changes need to be made. If it appears to be a feasible option, stop using the remaining car for a period of time. Simply park it and explore other options. Doing so will help to save money on gas and other expenses, and it’s a great way to see if getting rid of the family vehicles will truly work for all involved.