Individuals want the most for their money, and retail reward credit cards allow them to make the most of every dollar they spend. These types of cards are designed for those who are loyal to a company or brand and those who spend a certain amount each month. Following are some of the top cards that fall into this category.


MBNA Rewards World Elite Card


MBNA Rewards World Elite is a card that many individuals don’t realize offers cash back rewards. When the rewards points are converted into cash, however, individuals find they save quite a bit. In fact, the estimated rewards for those who spend $2,000 every month come out to $428.80 a year.


Rogers First Rewards MasterCard Card


Rogers First Rewards MasterCard comes in a close second to MBNA Rewards World Elite. With this card, the average individual spending $2,000 a month will receive $424.92 in rewards each year. They key to to pay the Rogers bill using the reward card, as those who subscribe to these services find they benefit the most by doing so.


Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Card


Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite reached number one last year, but has now fallen in the list. Consumers using this card receive four percent cash back on groceries and gas, along with two percent cash back on their recurring bills and purchases made at a pharmacy. The estimated cash back rewards for this card reach $405.


Canadian Tire Options World MasterCard Card


Canadian Tire Options World MasterCard has certain requirements that must be met in order to qualify to carry this card. Individuals must have an annual income of $60,000 or charge $15,000 on the card each year. For those who meet these requirements, the estimated cash back rewards come in at $343.20.


The Scotia Momentum Visa Card


The Scotia Momentum Visa is an alternative to the Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite for those who wish to have a card with a lower fee. Individuals who choose this card receive two percent back on grocery, drug and gas purchases. They also receive cash back when they make recurring payments using this credit card. Individuals who spend $2,000 a month on this card make an estimated $321 every year, simply for making purchases they would already make.


American Express SimplyCash Preferred Card


American Express offers the SimplyCash Preferred card that provides 1.5 percent back on all purchases up to $100,000. Any purchases made once the consumer reaches $100,000 come with a 1.25 percent cash back. When an individual signs up, he or she also gets five percent cash back on groceries, restaurant purchases and gas for the first six months, up to $400 cash back. The average consumer who spends $2,000 a month on their card brings in $314.60 in cash back rewards.


President’s Choice Financial World MasterCard Card


The President’s Choice Financial World MasterCard allows consumers to earn 20 PC points for each dollar spent at stores where PC products may be purchased. Consumers will be disappointed to learn that Shoppers Drug Mart isn’t one of these stores. The average person gets back $313 in cash back rewards.


Look into these and other cards to find the right credit card for your needs. With many to select from, the average consumer can save money each and every month. It’s just one more way to stretch your hard earned dollars and an easy way to do so. Give it a try today to see how much you can save.