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Need Money? 10 Ways to Get Cash Fast

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Are you struggling to make ends meet while being unemployed? Three million workers were displaced between January 2015 and December 2017, so you’re not alone. But if you need money today, there are a few ways to make some quick cash. Keep watching to find out more.

Can I have two payday loans at the same time

Can You Have Two Payday Loans At The Same Time?

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If you have already applied and received a payday loan, you cannot apply for another one with the same company or other lenders. The payday loans are under the surveillance of a central database and allow to be taken, only if the previous one is cleared.

Same Day Loans in Canada

How Can I Get a Loan on the Same Day in Canada?

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When you have an emergency, you would rather get the money fast than having to wait for it. Traditional loans will not cut it when you need money on the same day. If you have a crisis that needs your immediate financial attention, and your next payday is a few weeks away, then short term loans are your best bet. Payday loans don’t necessarily require a credit check, and you don’t have to provide any down payment either.

Payday Loans Legal in Canada

Are Payday Loans Legal in Canada?

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Despite their vast popularity, a large number of people still fret over the question if payday loans in Canada are legal? The answer is payday loans are very much legal and have been helping millions of people with their financial struggles. They may sound too good to be true, but they are introduced in the market to save people from running around for loan approval.

credit score

Credit score: how to keep it good

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If you ever borrowed money to buy a car or a house or if you simply have a credit card then you have a credit report and thus a credit score. The later is a mathematical formula that translates the content of your credit report into a score that is used by lenders to take decision anytime you apply for a credit.


emergency fund

How to manage a financial emergency

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We never know what could happen in life. You could lose your job, break your car, have a leak in your house or unexpected medical spending. All those surprises can have a subsequent impact on your budget especially if you could not put money aside during the year.


save money on halloween

Trick or treat: 7 money hacks to save on Halloween

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According to Celtic beliefs, spirits and the dead can cross over into the world of the living only on October 31st. To avoid that, people started to dress up as ghosts and spirits to fool the real ones. Nowadays, Halloween is essentially a celebration where people have fun hunting for candies, carving pumpkins and dressing up. Discover how you can celebrate it without emptying your wallet.