Five Delusional Financial Strategies

Five Delusional Financial Strategies

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Too often people fool themselves into believing that the money they need will just appear in their accounts, or methods they have been using unsuccessfully will suddenly begin working. Here are five delusional financial strategies that people are using to keep themselves poor.

credit card charges you didn't know you were paying

Credit Card Charges You Didn’t Know You Were Paying

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There are responsible and irresponsible ways that a young person can use a credit card. One of the most responsible things that a person can do when using a credit card is to make use of the 21-day interest-free grace to pay their credit card balance. This helps avoid the high interest rates that can be charged by the different credit card providers. However, even paying the balance can still put a person at risk for excessive Credit card charges if a person doesn’t know what to look out for. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


5 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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While holiday shopping is meant to be joyous, it can be anything but when one is not properly prepared. Each year, magazines, newspapers, and websites push to list the season’s latest and greatest gift ideas to help shoppers in their search. During the holidays, thousands of products vie to be the top gift of the year. Though it can be difficult sorting through the many offerings for the right gift, preparing ahead can make the process easier so the shopping chores are carried out painlessly. Those who are searching for the best gifts would do well to consider these ideas that will fit almost anyone on their list.


Guide to Insurance: Disability Insurance

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When applying for disability insurance in Canada, it is important to be familiar with the Guide to insurance: Disability insurance. It is essential to fully understand the guidelines and requirements before applying. There are several pieces of information to become familiar with before applying for disability insurance. The medical assessment portion of the process is an important part that will be considered greatly in the approval or denial decision.


Guide to Insurance: Life Insurance

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Insurance as a concept dates back to Roman times, but it wasn’t a formal industry until the middle of the 18th century. Insurance is a means of sharing financial risk among many people, who all pay premiums in exchange for minimized cost in the event of an accident. This Guide to insurance: Life insurance can help Canadians protect their dependents from financial hardship, and the policy is a legal contract guaranteeing payment of a certain value in the event of the policyholder’s death.


Guide to insurance: Home insurance

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Many people report that they are unsure of what is in their homeowner’s insurance policy. Although they likely checked to find out which company had the best deal for insurance, they didn’t read the actual policy to find out what was included. Whether a person is interested in purchasing a new policy or they would like to determine whether they should renew their current policy, reading a Guide to insurance: Home insurance will help them understand what to look for beyond the price of the policy.


How to Make the Most of a Pension Transfer

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Many jobs offer benefit packages that include a pension plan. These plans can be very helpful to people later on in life, especially if the person works for a company long enough to see the pension plan come to maturity. However, there are situations where people have paid into a pension plan, but leave well before the pension can be put into action. In this case, many people may not be exactly sure how to proceed.