money at work

How to talk about money at work

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During all your professional career, you will talk about money with your colleagues, your superiors or recruiters. Although it is a fundamental factor when it comes to your financial future, it is often not an easy thing to deal with. To help you talk about it, we listed some tips that you can apply at each decisive stage of your professional life.


how to save on your car

How to Save Money on Your Car

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If you own a car, you know how expensive it can be to keep it running and insured at all times. It seems the cost of vehicle ownership continues to rise, yet this is one item most families cannot live without. They either don’t have access to public transportation, need the vehicle for their job, or have another reason a car has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The cost of car ownership doesn’t have to break the bank, however. Here is how to save money on your car.


how to save on clothes

15 clever ways to save money on clothes

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In 2014, Canadians have spent more than 3,500$ on clothes. You don’t need to buy less clothes to save money. You just need to buy at the right moment and to really think before making a purchase. Here are some tips that will help you save money on your next purchase.


how to get rid of debts

9 pro tips to get rid of debts

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Did you know that the average debt of a Canadian household reach more than $96,000, or 197% of the average income? There are several ways that can be deployed if you wish to get out of debts. Each strategy can have a significant impact on your finance if you put yourself seriously into it and if you are ready to commit to your plan. But where to start?


back to school budget

10 advice to save money on Back to School shopping

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Holidays are almost over and it is time to get ready to go back to school. Whether you have one or several children going to school, this time of year can be stressful mostly if you have a small budget. The bill can rapidly grow between school bags, notebooks, pens and new clothes. Here are some advice to prepare your kids to go back to school without spending too much money.



Top Six ways to better prepare your retirement

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Not very long ago, retirement was a definitive term. Once you reached the age of 65, your career ended and pensions and government benefits stepped up to the plate. From that point on, the biggest question was what to do with your new-found free time, and the resounding answer was essentially whatever you wanted. Times have changed a bit, and the once distinct lines have become somewhat blurred.