Why Writing a Budget Should Be Your 2016 Resolution

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Most Americans (and indeed, most people throughout the world) make New Years resolutions. Some people let their imaginations run wild, wishing to win the lottery or otherwise get richly quickly, get a priced possession they cannot yet afford, repair a broken relationship, or suddenly become happy.

While these are worthy goals (and things every truly deserves), there is sometimes very little thought behind making these wishes a reality. The truth is, New Year’s resolutions are not letters to Santa Clause; they must be worked at!


Which Canadian City Has The Most Expensive Day Care?

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Canadian two-earner families are facing a serious crisis concerning daycare costs for their children. The Canadian center For Policy Alternatives has reported that no less than 27 Canadian cities have experienced a five percent increase in day care costs since last year.

Day care rates going up so fast hurt the cash-strapped Canadian working families. Some families are having to consider the cost effectiveness of that second income, especially if there are more than one child in the family needing day care.


Decade by Decade Guide to Building Your Wealth

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Preparing financially for retirement can seem a daunting task for anyone, especially when many financial experts recommend having nearly one million dollars available when you reach retirement age.

However, if you’re careful and deliberate about it, building your wealth so that you can retire comfortably isn’t difficult. You just need to start early and follow some guidelines throughout each decade of your life.


Some Old Toys are Worth a Fortune

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For many, old toys bring in more than just fantastic memories. While a toy might remind a person of the childhood they had and the fun times they had with family and friends, some of the toys sitting up in the attic or packed away in boxes might actually be worth a little bit of money. In fact, if they’re in great condition or still in the original box, they could be worth thousands.

Some of the toys a person might have that could be worth quite a bit are below. Take a look through your childhood and see if there’s any memories that could net you a little bit of extra cash.


Tips for Dealing With a Debt Collector

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When a person with a balance due on a credit card stops making at least the minimum payment for a number of months, the company will start calling this customer on a regular basis. The company starts with its own customer service representatives and then is likely to transfer the account to its own collections department if the issue is not resolved in some manner.


Snowbirds! Beware of These New Tax Rules

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Each year, there are new tax rules, most of which are not disseminated to the public in a convenient or effective way. However, as you have no doubt heard many judges and police officers say, “Ignorance of the law does not exonerate you from the law.” While this may seem unfair, it is an unfortunate truth of the ever-changing tax code.


A Guide to Thriving as a Single Income Family

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Taking the jump to being a single income family can be huge, but it can also be hugely rewarding. It can allow for a parent to stay home with the children or for one person to pursue their dreams, even if those dreams won’t bring in much money at all.

When a couple decide to become a family with just one income, however, there is some planning that needs to be done before it happens. This can help ensure the success and allow for any pitfalls that might occur.