How to Save 3400$ a Year Using Your Car

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Most people spend quite a bit on their vehicle each year between filling it up, getting repairs done, and even washing the vehicle to ensure it looks great. With all this money spent on maintaining the vehicle, wouldn’t it be nice if the vehicle would give something in return?

It’s actually possible to earn 3400$ a year or more simply by driving the vehicle around town. Below are two different ways a person can bring in a little extra cash with their vehicle.


Learn to Save for Your Future

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If you are the type of person who is always concerned about finances, this is definitely a good thing. It is very important to carefully consider how the household income is being spent and the amount of money that is being set aside for the future. It seems as if everywhere we look, people are learning more about extreme saving. This is a wonderful thing to do. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the willpower to quit eating out so much and stay home for a change.


Gifts for Kids That Will Teach Them About Money

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Canadian children are often not being taught the basics of money. What is a dollar worth? What sacrifices are made to buy that toy in the store? These are big ideas often ignored by parents.

But, parents that can plant early seeds in financial education will reap the benefits of a child who can care for themselves and be smart about their spending.

Below are a few tech money ideas to teach children about the value of that famous light green paper.


Am I On Track to Retire Early and Travel?

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It appears that there are two solid goals almost all hard-working Canadian men and women in their late 40’s strive for. The first is the ability to retire early. The second is to travel a bit, and indulge in that freeing sense of being just a little older and a whole lot wiser. Canadians are often finding retirement difficult. It is a transition rife with problems. Are the assets affirmed and liquid enough? Is there steady income coming in to support the likely smaller family? Canadians are struggling to retire early, but there are steps they can take starting now to be positioned for a great retirement.


5 Best Financial Moves a 40ish Woman Can Make

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Most people are really ill-prepared for retirement. While that isn’t earth-shattering news, it’s important for anyone in their 40s to start thinking seriously about how they will finance retirement.

While some people do, indeed, have a solid plan in place to ensure their financial stability when they retire, others are on shaky ground, with little saved and no real idea how they will survive once retirement age is reached.

However, there are five best financial moves experts say anyone, but especially women in their 40s, should consider implementing now.


How Do You Find The Ideal Mortgage Loan?

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Hopeful consumers who are preparing to buy a house should identify ways to find the most ideal mortgage. They must complete vital steps for readying themselves for the requirements of buying the property.

They must also follow steps for determining if now is the right time to buy. The following are steps for finding the most ideal loan to buy a home.


How to Check Your Credit Report

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Consumers ought to regularly examine their credit report to ensure there are no errors being reported to the major credit reporting agencies. Any time a person applies for credit, whether it be a credit card, loan or other financial product, a notation will be made on this report.