How to Check Your Credit Report

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Consumers ought to regularly examine their credit report to ensure there are no errors being reported to the major credit reporting agencies. Any time a person applies for credit, whether it be a credit card, loan or other financial product, a notation will be made on this report.


Personal Loans vs Lines of Credit

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The time may come when a person needs to borrow money for some purpose. Most individuals choose to finance the purchase of a new home or car, yet there are numerous other reasons why a loan may be taken out. For some, the loan is used to consolidate debt and, for others, it will be put to use to fund a major purchase. Regardless of why money is being obtained, individuals will find they have a variety of borrowing options to select from. The key is to find the right choice for any given situation.


Students Loan Guide

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Post secondary education is an important consideration for a number of different people. Whether a person is fresh out of secondary or high school or perhaps a person is in their 30’s or 40’s and are looking for more education for a different career, post secondary education offers a lot for these two demographics and everyone in between. However, with the average cost of a post secondary education being around $80,000, most people pursuing this type of education will need financial assistance to do so. That is precisely what a student loan was created for.


Debt Repayment Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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Everyone will incur some type of debt at some point in their lives. It is almost impossible to avoid. Having debt is not necessarily a bad thing, it is how Debt repayment is handled that makes the difference. There are ways for people to repay loans and credit card debt that will benefit them better than other methods. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people are paying back their debt incorrectly.


Best Retail Reward Credit Cards rogers

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Individuals want the most for their money, and retail reward credit cards allow them to make the most of every dollar they spend. These types of cards are designed for those who are loyal to a company or brand and those who spend a certain amount each month. Following are some of the top cards that fall into this category.

credit card charges you didn't know you were paying

Credit Card Charges You Didn’t Know You Were Paying

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There are responsible and irresponsible ways that a young person can use a credit card. One of the most responsible things that a person can do when using a credit card is to make use of the 21-day interest-free grace to pay their credit card balance. This helps avoid the high interest rates that can be charged by the different credit card providers. However, even paying the balance can still put a person at risk for excessive Credit card charges if a person doesn’t know what to look out for. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Canada Best Credit Cards Compared

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The number of people who are looking for as many ways to save money as possible is increasing. Yet, most of these people continue to use the same credit card they have had for years. Many times, switching to a new credit card can enable them to save as much as possible based on the amount of money they’re spending each month and how they’re spending the money. When a person is looking for the best credit card canada 2015, they’re going to want to look at the category that fits their spending habits.