Helpful Tips for Saving Money in School

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Post-secondary studies can take their toll on a person’s finances. Though pursuing a degree can later bring higher levels of income, that does not help the struggling student who is doing all they can to keep their head above water.

It is crucial post-secondary students remember every dollar they are able to avoid spending during their education pursuit will be one less dollar they will owe once they receive their degree and begin their career.

With this information, students can learn some easy tips they can put in place to save money in school so they are able to start their future with success instead of stress.


Debt Check Up: Are You at Risk If Interest Rates Rise?

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With lenders anticipating increases in interest rates over the coming months, it’s important that everyone carefully examines their debt load to determine how any increase in interest rates charged will impact them.

Since different types of debt will almost certainly experience increases, those carrying those types of debt should carefully consider how they’ll deal with an increase in the amount they are expected to pay.


Which Canadian City Has The Most Expensive Day Care?

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Canadian two-earner families are facing a serious crisis concerning daycare costs for their children. The Canadian center For Policy Alternatives has reported that no less than 27 Canadian cities have experienced a five percent increase in day care costs since last year.

Day care rates going up so fast hurt the cash-strapped Canadian working families. Some families are having to consider the cost effectiveness of that second income, especially if there are more than one child in the family needing day care.


Tips for Dealing With a Debt Collector

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When a person with a balance due on a credit card stops making at least the minimum payment for a number of months, the company will start calling this customer on a regular basis. The company starts with its own customer service representatives and then is likely to transfer the account to its own collections department if the issue is not resolved in some manner.


Debt Repayment Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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Everyone will incur some type of debt at some point in their lives. It is almost impossible to avoid. Having debt is not necessarily a bad thing, it is how Debt repayment is handled that makes the difference. There are ways for people to repay loans and credit card debt that will benefit them better than other methods. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people are paying back their debt incorrectly.

credit card charges you didn't know you were paying

Credit Card Charges You Didn’t Know You Were Paying

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There are responsible and irresponsible ways that a young person can use a credit card. One of the most responsible things that a person can do when using a credit card is to make use of the 21-day interest-free grace to pay their credit card balance. This helps avoid the high interest rates that can be charged by the different credit card providers. However, even paying the balance can still put a person at risk for excessive Credit card charges if a person doesn’t know what to look out for. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Canadians Are Getting Better At Managing Consumer Debt

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Canadians getting better at managing consumer debt, reports Jason Wang, the Director of Research and Analysis for TransUnion, the credit monitoring agency – and he should know. When compared to citizens of other countries, Canadians are making great strides in managing consumer debt.