When Should You Cut Financial Support to Your Parents or Adult Kids?

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There are a few things fundamentally understood when offering financial support to family members, usually an adult child or an aging parent. The first is that we want to do it. The second is that we expect them to find their footing in the near future. Lastly, it is well understood that constantly bailing them out of trouble and being a crutch will only cause them to fall into a state of co-dependency and reliance.


What To Know About Bankruptcy

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The decision to file for bankruptcy is a huge one. Many people make the decision because they find themselves in over their heads in debt and don’t see a way out of the mess they’ve created. While the federal government does allow financially overwhelmed consumers to file for bankruptcy protection, it’s important that everyone considering doing so educate themselves on the process and how bankruptcy will affect their lives. Read on to learn some important tips that consumers need to know before they sign on the dotted line.


8 financial Recommendations for Young Adults

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Personal finance is not something that is always taught when growing up and is not a subject required to take or often provided in high schools or college. One of few ways a young adult may learn about personal finances is if they were shown financial responsibility by their parents. Even in this case, many parents themselves are not financially responsible and do not have much advice to pass on to their children in order to prepare them as best as possible for their financial future.


How to Build your Retirement Budget

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When pondering the amount to save, you must first try to calculate your future retirement needs, wants and a realistic idea of what your living expenses and bills might be. Mentioning needs and wants does not necessarily mean that you will go out and buy everything you want right when you want it, however, there does have to be enough room in your retirement fund to treat yourself. A retirement fund does not simply mean living in luxury; it means living with the comfort in knowing that your expenses, needs and finances will be taken care of.

saving plan

Build a Saving Plan that Fits You

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It’s surprising how many people live paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, this isn’t relegated to only the middle class. There are many wealthy people that see their money go away as quickly as it comes in. That’s why building a savings plan is an effective strategy for saving money as well as learning valuable financial lessons. These lessons can be helpful to anyone if any financial station. Here are a few tips on developing a saving plan.


Is Your Mortgage Robbing Your Retirement?

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When a person wants to purchase a home, they will more than likely have to look for mortgage. Unfortunately, many people end up paying more for a home than they should. However, this may not have to do with the cost of the home but more in terms of the numbers behind a monthly payment. Many investment experts are sounding the warning that mortgages are taking a big bite into people’s retirement efforts. In fact, sometimes there are no retirement efforts going on at all.