8 financial Recommendations for Young Adults

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Personal finance is not something that is always taught when growing up and is not a subject required to take or often provided in high schools or college. One of few ways a young adult may learn about personal finances is if they were shown financial responsibility by their parents. Even in this case, many parents themselves are not financially responsible and do not have much advice to pass on to their children in order to prepare them as best as possible for their financial future.


Budget: Why doesn’t it Work!

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Using a budget is one of the key ways to manage your money and pay off your debt. However, sometimes it does not always go as planned. Sometimes we get our paycheck and spend it on wants instead of actually spending it on our accumulated debt. It is very easy to overspend and as a result, the numbers of your budget do not match up.

saving plan

Build a Saving Plan that Fits You

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It’s surprising how many people live paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, this isn’t relegated to only the middle class. There are many wealthy people that see their money go away as quickly as it comes in. That’s why building a savings plan is an effective strategy for saving money as well as learning valuable financial lessons. These lessons can be helpful to anyone if any financial station. Here are a few tips on developing a saving plan.

financially independant

7 Steps to Become Financially Independent

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Being financially independent is something that many people dream of. Unfortunately, financial independence can be rather elusive. Many people feel that they have to be wealthy to enjoy this sort of independence. Fortunately, whether a person makes $50,000 or $5 million annually, there are basic tips that can help anyone achieve financial independence

food expense

5 Habits to Reduce Your Food Expenses

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No one will question the fact that buying food for the household can get complicated. Along with figuring out what to buy, there is the matter of keeping the cost within reason. By choosing to develop some basic habits related to the task of buying groceries, it will be possible to keep those food expenses within a range that the individual can afford.

financial habits

7 Financial Habits of Highly Successful People

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here are financial habits that can help a person earn wealth. However, financially successful people tend to do things differently. The habits developed by the wealthy can be used by anyone who’s looking to be financially successful. Here are a few of them.

middle class

The Canadian Middle Class – Where Do You Fit In?

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It’s certainly no surprise, but average net worth varies depending on where one lives. Those who live in Canada’s largest cities are more likely to have an average net worth that is close to the national averages for the middle class. Residents of Montreal and Quebec City, however, are more likely to have a net worth below the national average. For Quebec, this can be explained by the higher percentage of younger households, composed of Canadians just beginning their careers.