Advice from millionaires

Taking The Best Of What Works For Self-Made Millionaires

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Have parents been giving their children the wrong advice regarding their future financial security? Is saving money really the key to future wealth? There are actually two schools of thought on that. Some believe saving and investing is the road to wealth while others believe that it’s more important to concentrate on earning money. Investors point to Warren Buffett’s success while earners can emulate Bill Gates. It depends on someone’s talents and goals.


How to pay your mortgage faster

Stuck With a Mortgage? Here Is How to Pay It Off Faster

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Do you dream of a time when your mortgage is paid in full and you have that money to spend as you want each month? Many individuals assume they will have a mortgage for the majority of their life, only paying off the home when they are nearing retirement age, if then. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, as you can pay off your mortgage fast and have more money in your wallet or bank account each month. Tips to pay off a mortgage faster help you achieve this goal. Envision the financial freedom you’ll have when you reach this point and you’ll be ready to put these tips to use today.


Learn more about credit cards

Eight Things You Did Not Know About Credit Cards

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Have you cut up your credit cards? Did you grow up being told that having a credit card leads you down a path of lifetime debt? If you avoid credit cards at all costs, now is the time to reconsider applying for this type of credit. Following are some surprising facts about credit cards that many consumers are not aware of.


How Canadians Can Help Syrian Refugees

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Being displaced from a home can be terrible and emotionally upsetting. In some cases, a family can lose everything except the clothes on their back. The refugees from Syria are currently suffering these types of problems and more. They are not only displaced from their homes, they are displaced from their homeland and the area they were familiar with.

There are many organizations that are currently assisting the syrian refugees, and citizens can do more to make this transition for them easier. Although there are very few citizens who can afford to fully support a refugee family with all of their expenses, they can get involved in other ways.


Canadians Less Confident in Finances Heading Into future

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Despite the fact that the majority of Canadian residents are feeling confident about their savings and income, the percentage of those who are concerned remains higher than in previous years.

The numbers shift depending on where in the country people are surveyed, but consistently the average citizen is slightly less comfortable with their own financial security than they have been in the past.


Groceries Will Be Even More Expensive in 2016

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Canadian households will be hit by yet more increases in food costs in 2016. Experts are predicting that the increase of food pricing in 2015 will continue into 2016.

The University of Guelph’s Food Institute experts are predicting that Canadian families who were forced to spend an additional $325.00 in 2015 will now have to pay an additional increase of about $345.00 in 2016 for groceries they purchase.