Guide to Insurance: Travel insurance

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Travel health insurance is something many people don’t know exists, yet it’s something that can be incredibly handy to have. Those who are planning to travel will want to ensure they have insurance that will cover them if they need medical care during the trip. Often, a regular health insurance policy will not be applicable outside of the country. This can help a person save thousands of dollars on emergencies they cannot predict or control.


Canadians Are Getting Better At Managing Consumer Debt

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Canadians getting better at managing consumer debt, reports Jason Wang, the Director of Research and Analysis for TransUnion, the credit monitoring agency – and he should know. When compared to citizens of other countries, Canadians are making great strides in managing consumer debt.

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Advantages of using cash loans online

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With numerous opportunities to apply for cash loans online, one may think these types of loans must be a great way to get out of a poor financial situation. In some cases, there are some advantages that may be worth looking into. You should research carefully for the terms of repayment, but there is surely one that will be able to help in your situation. Plain and simple, these types of loans are easily acquired by just about anyone because the lenders want to lend the money.


Different Financial Habits Across the World

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Many struggle with finances, whether it be trouble saving money or careless spending. It is not always easy to walk into a store and leave with only the items you went there to get; we see items on sale or something that we want and often enough, cannot help ourselves. This can lead to to regretting the purchase later on when we see we don’t have the amount we need to pay all our bills or we don’t have the money we were supposed to put aside for savings.


5 ways stay-at-home parents can make extra money

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Not all parents are able to go out and work at a brick and mortar job. Many are stay-at-home moms and dads that need to be around during the day to take care of their children. This can leave many feeling financially frustrated. There are ways, however, that stay-at-home parents can make extra money, giving them the financial freedom that they need.

How to be Smart With Your Financial Planning

How to be Smart With Your Financial Planning

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The team at Captain Cash has seen families go from saving a couple hundred dollars a year to saving thousands and more. There was no huge pay raise, no lottery win, and no momentous changes to anyone involved. It requires a few small adjustments, compounded over the year, to make a new financial effort feasible. Consider buying more used items to shave off in every area, and create a budget that makes just enough sacrifices without going overboard.

7 ways to save on taxes while unemployed

7 Ways to Save on Taxes While Unemployed

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Americans are slowly coming out of “crisis mode” as the economy improves, but some people are still dealing with unemployment. Thankfully, the US government isn’t as cruel as some may have been led to believe, where unemployment is concerned. Below are seven Captain Cash approved ways to save on taxes while unemployed.