the financial aspect of death

The Financial Aspect of Death

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The death of a loved one is a difficult time to endure as your head and heart are never prepared for the loss. In addition to the grief of missing a deceased loved one is being responsible for the financial arrangements as well as funeral provisions for the deceased. Although talking to a loved one about this subject may seem morbid, planning ahead can minimize family strain as you prepare to settle the numerous matters than need to be sorted. Pick a day to sit down with your loved one and figure out what they want and how they want it structured. Be open with them when you are discussing the matter as there are a number of things to discuss financially.


Supporting a Loved-one: The financial help Available

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A loved one who is elderly, becomes sick or is diagnosed with any kind of mental illness or disability is never an easy responsibility to commit to. Of course when it comes down to it, you most probably will assume the responsibility, however there are many factors to realize when accepting the role as caretaker. As it seems to go with many other things in life, a big amount of stress is directed towards finding a manageable way to pay the extra bills as well as maintain your income, after all, you will be not only supporting yourself, but supporting another adult who may not have an income or has not much of a savings habit.

52 week challenge

Are You Up for the 52 Week Money Challenge?

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The 52 week money challenge is a fantastic and simple way to build a disciplined savings that spans from the first week of the year to the last. The core formula of the challenge has someone adding an amount to the savings that equal the week. At week 16, $16 is added to the savings. As the year progresses, saving becomes more difficult. But, it becomes a necessary discipline.


How Saving 5$ a Day Can Make You a Millionaire?

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With a little focus and consistency, it is possible to become a millionaire. It does not require an entrepreneurial spirit, becoming a CEO of a major bank, or becoming an inventor and winning over the investors of Shark Tank. All it takes is 5$, placed into a tax-deferred account, every single day for forty years. The key to big saving is practice. There are three quick and dirty strategies to stick to it no matter what, and keep that idea to become a millionaire at the forefront.


8 financial Recommendations for Young Adults

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Personal finance is not something that is always taught when growing up and is not a subject required to take or often provided in high schools or college. One of few ways a young adult may learn about personal finances is if they were shown financial responsibility by their parents. Even in this case, many parents themselves are not financially responsible and do not have much advice to pass on to their children in order to prepare them as best as possible for their financial future.


Budget: Why doesn’t it Work!

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Using a budget is one of the key ways to manage your money and pay off your debt. However, sometimes it does not always go as planned. Sometimes we get our paycheck and spend it on wants instead of actually spending it on our accumulated debt. It is very easy to overspend and as a result, the numbers of your budget do not match up.

saving plan

Build a Saving Plan that Fits You

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It’s surprising how many people live paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, this isn’t relegated to only the middle class. There are many wealthy people that see their money go away as quickly as it comes in. That’s why building a savings plan is an effective strategy for saving money as well as learning valuable financial lessons. These lessons can be helpful to anyone if any financial station. Here are a few tips on developing a saving plan.