Canada Best Credit Cards Compared

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The number of people who are looking for as many ways to save money as possible is increasing. Yet, most of these people continue to use the same credit card they have had for years. Many times, switching to a new credit card can enable them to save as much as possible based on the amount of money they’re spending each month and how they’re spending the money. When a person is looking for the best credit card canada 2015, they’re going to want to look at the category that fits their spending habits.


Credit card – Which Bank card is the Most Generous ?

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Even though the global economy took a bit of a hit a few years ago, slowly, the economy has begun to recover. There are many different signs of this recovery, but one of the areas where the recovery seems the most robust is with banks that issue credit cards. Over the years, this area has improved greatly. This has benefited the banks, individuals currently using credit cards or looking for a new account and it is benefited the economy as well. However, many people ask the same question, when it comes to a Credit card – Which Bank card is the most Generous ?

car loan

What Are the Advantage of Taking a Car Loan in Canada?

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The truth of getting a car loan exists somewhere between “never” and “always.” There is no objective valuation of when a loan is better than cash, but there are some ideas that could help push someone towards a direction that works for them. Though the common argument is that cash is better, there are some flaws to the idea.


Different Financial Habits Across the World

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Many struggle with finances, whether it be trouble saving money or careless spending. It is not always easy to walk into a store and leave with only the items you went there to get; we see items on sale or something that we want and often enough, cannot help ourselves. This can lead to to regretting the purchase later on when we see we don’t have the amount we need to pay all our bills or we don’t have the money we were supposed to put aside for savings.


5 ways stay-at-home parents can make extra money

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Not all parents are able to go out and work at a brick and mortar job. Many are stay-at-home moms and dads that need to be around during the day to take care of their children. This can leave many feeling financially frustrated. There are ways, however, that stay-at-home parents can make extra money, giving them the financial freedom that they need.


How To Save Money On Sports Equipment

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Parents with children who love sports are always trying to save money on sports equipment. Saving money is always a good thing for parents wanting available cash to go further. Those in charge of children’s and teen’s sports teams also need to save money on sports equipment to get teams well equipped on small budgets. After all the fees are collected from parents and the fundraisers have collected what additional money they could, equipment must be purchased at the best prices possible.

Income Taxes: Transform Non-Deductible Interest

Income Taxes: Transform Non-Deductible Interest

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A lot of personal debt that consumers are paying for is considered non-deductible. Many are paying interest on credit cards, car payments, etc. The interest that is still considered a deductible is your home mortgage interest, and investment interest. Each year, if you are paying substantial interest you may want to consider converting your non-deductible interest into interest that is deductible.