Is Your Mortgage Robbing Your Retirement?

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When a person wants to purchase a home, they will more than likely have to look for mortgage. Unfortunately, many people end up paying more for a home than they should. However, this may not have to do with the cost of the home but more in terms of the numbers behind a monthly payment. Many investment experts are sounding the warning that mortgages are taking a big bite into people’s retirement efforts. In fact, sometimes there are no retirement efforts going on at all.

account for couple

Choosing the Best Account for your Couple

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Being in a couple or getting married may not be easy sometimes but adding the stress of finding a suitable bank account for the both of you can prove to be a challenge. There is a grand debate whether to get a joint bank account with your partner or not. There are pros and cons for both sides. The trick is to get all the information and decide what is best for your relationship.

financial habits

7 Financial Habits of Highly Successful People

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here are financial habits that can help a person earn wealth. However, financially successful people tend to do things differently. The habits developed by the wealthy can be used by anyone who’s looking to be financially successful. Here are a few of them.

average budget

The Average Budget of a 50k Household

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There was a time when a $50,000 annual household budget made it possible for a small family to live comfortably. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. Despite this now being the median income more are struggling to get by now than at any time since the Great Depression. To understand the problem it is necessary to discover what The average budget looks like.

financial tips

8 Financial Tips for Young Adults

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Learning to manage money can be difficult for young adults with no experience. Learning to budget, save and deal with monthly expenses is confusing and takes a lot of work. By following these 8 financial tips, young adults will have an easier time managing their money:

net worth

Your Net Worth – Is it Positive or Negative?

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There are many things individuals should know about themselves. Your credit score, financial situation and your savings goals are all things that everyone should be aware of. Another important category to add to this list, in order to get you in good financial standing, is to know your net worth. Assets: anything you own that can be converted into cash. Examples: real estate, personal property, cash, etc. Liabilities: representation of your debts. Examples: loans, mortgages, student loans, credit card debt, medical bills, etc. Net worth: the different between the total amount of your assets and liabilities. Example: assets – liabilities

middle class

The Canadian Middle Class – Where Do You Fit In?

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It’s certainly no surprise, but average net worth varies depending on where one lives. Those who live in Canada’s largest cities are more likely to have an average net worth that is close to the national averages for the middle class. Residents of Montreal and Quebec City, however, are more likely to have a net worth below the national average. For Quebec, this can be explained by the higher percentage of younger households, composed of Canadians just beginning their careers.