9 Step To Your Real Estate Plan

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Preparing for the future can be a wise decision when it comes to your legacy. Relieving the burden of handling your estate can provide some comfort to the family you leave behind. No one enjoys thinking about death, but it’s an inevitable event. Providing the security, your family needs can be a comforting fact.


The Best Money Advice We’ve Ever Received

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Smoking is a horrendous habit for the health, but it is also a bad habit for the wallet. Many people know that they have a bad vice and that vice may get in the way of their health. Many smokers and coffee drinkers have tried multiple times to get rid of their bad habit, but they may be missing a key piece to the formula.


Understand Joint Account and Procurations

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A person who wants to plan for their future will want to learn about the benefits and disadvantages of accounts that are co-owned by two or more people and how that can be effected with a power of attorney to ensure their money will be safe and used the way they want it to be used if anything does happen to them.


How Canada’s Richest People Keep Fortunes Within The Family

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Securing and maintaining a fortune is a notable accomplishment. Devastating events can create a situation where riches can be dwindled down to zero. One common denominator of Canadas richest people is the family factor. Keeping riches can be a difficult task. Ensuring investments create gain and passing it to family can be a daunting task. Some family transitions can be simplistic while others are complicated. There are many ways that a fortune can be transferred from one family member to another.


The Biggest Mistake of Your Saving Plan

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Even the savviest business professionals make any number of saving plan mistakes. They often know best because they have experience it firsthand. One common saving plan mistake is not staying consistent and building a schedule of saving. There are mistakes around every corner, and some of the smartest leaders have delivered overall plans to tackle them in every area.


Beware of CRA Phone Scam?

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With the rise in technology, it’s often even easier for thieves to try to scam unsuspecting persons. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is warning Canadians about scammers that call and try to impersonate official agents as a way to extort money. Even those who are aware of the scams can be caught up when they receive a phone call or an email that seems legitimate and may become a victim of CRA fraud.