How to Build an Emergency Fund?

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How are families building their emergency funds? It takes a bit of discipline and the ability to set in motion a great new habit. A priority must be set on taking money and adding it to a savings. Will a bill not be met? That should not happen because the amount should be very fair. It should account for variables. One of the most effective methods to build an emergency fund is to create a saving habit- never falter and stick to it.


Where Does Your Money Go?

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As time progresses priorities change. The way money was spent in the past is not the same as it is spent today. When the cost of items rise or decline adjustments are made to household budgets. Sometimes individuals are aware of these changes. Knowing where your money goes can help to maintain a workable budget.


The 25 Wealthiest Canadians Exposed

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Canada has managed to provide some fantastic businessmen and women. Canadian Business has exposed the 25 richest Wealthiest Canadians for the new year, and the list includes some notable exceptions. Read the full line-up below.


The Real Cost Of Transferring Medical Records

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It used to be that when you needed your medical records, you just went to your doctor’s office and requested them. If your doctor referred you to a specialist, your records were sent to that doctor’s office so that he could review them and give you better treatment. If you moved, you just requested that your records be sent to the doctor in the new area. Not anymore.


Top 3 Holiday Shopping Apps

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The simple truth about the fall and winter holidays is that they are a hectic time for everyone. Between decorating the home, traveling to see family members, and shopping for holiday gifts, it can often seem that this time of the year entails nonstop chaos.

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How Does the Canadian Federal Budget Affect You?

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The federal budget was recently introduced and covers a wide range of topics. The problem is that many individuals can’t work their way through the jargon to find out how it will affect them personally, and this is of great concern as the federal budget does work its way down to the average home. Following are some scenarios of average Canadians and what they can expect with the changes that are coming.

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Interest Rate Myths

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Canadian interest rates are unquestionably low. But, are they really as low as some believe? How is the current state of interest in Canada being wrongly perceived? Is any specific interest rate myth being exploited? Below are five Interest rate myths in Canada that are changing the landscape of how Canadians invest and spend.