how to save on your car

How to Save Money on Your Car

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If you own a car, you know how expensive it can be to keep it running and insured at all times. It seems the cost of vehicle ownership continues to rise, yet this is one item most families cannot live without. They either don’t have access to public transportation, need the vehicle for their job, or have another reason a car has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The cost of car ownership doesn’t have to break the bank, however. Here is how to save money on your car.



Beware of CRA Phone Scam?

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With the rise in technology, it’s often even easier for thieves to try to scam unsuspecting persons. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is warning Canadians about scammers that call and try to impersonate official agents as a way to extort money. Even those who are aware of the scams can be caught up when they receive a phone call or an email that seems legitimate and may become a victim of CRA fraud.


Prepare Christmas now to enjoy it later

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The leaves are turning red, kids are working on their Halloween costume and you can find pumpkin flavored-treats on every corner. You might not know it but now is the perfect time to start planning the holidays.

You can make great savings by planning your Christmas all year long and by using some simple money hacks to save money on gifts but also on food and plane tickets. Discover how!



Guide to insurance: Home insurance

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Many people report that they are unsure of what is in their homeowner’s insurance policy. Although they likely checked to find out which company had the best deal for insurance, they didn’t read the actual policy to find out what was included. Whether a person is interested in purchasing a new policy or they would like to determine whether they should renew their current policy, reading a Guide to insurance: Home insurance will help them understand what to look for beyond the price of the policy.

canada best place to live

Canada best place to live ?

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Many people who already live in Canada or are planning to move to Canada are wondering where in Canada best place to live ? The canada best place to live depends on a variety of factors, but most people will agree there are a few places that stand out amongst the rest. Below are a few of the top places a person might want to live in Canada and what makes them unique.

high paying job

7 High Paying Job Who Doesnt Require Bachelor Degree

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Sometimes, people find that they made a poor choice when picking a career, or they may want to find a more high paying job. Unfortunately, many people don’t have a bachelor’s degree and don’t have the time or resources to complete one. The following are seven of the highest paying careers for those without a bachelor’s: