How to save money on your summer vacation

Are you looking for tips on how to save money on your summer vacation? Many people are at this time, as they want to make the most of the cash they have reserved for this purpose. Others do so to put less on their credit cards. Regardless of why you are looking to save money on your vacation this summer, the following tips will be of great help. The more tips you use, the more you can save.

Watch ATM Usage





Withdrawing money from an ATM tends to be expensive unless you have access to an ATM owned by your personal back. In many cases, the ATM owner charges a fee and your bank charges one also. It’s best to avoid using an ATM while on vacation unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead, make use of a Charles Schwab debit card, as doing so allows you to avoid these fees or make use of a credit card that doesn’t impose foreign transaction fees. This simple change can save you a great deal of money during your vacation.


Make Use Of Club Memberships Or Reward Programs




Do you shop at a club, such as Costco or BJ’s Wholesale Club? Are you a member of an organization like AAA? If so, you may be able to save a great deal of money on a vacation as a result of your membership. Many clubs and organizations offer deals on everything from cruises and hotels to rental cars and complete vacation packages. In addition, many reward programs offer points or bonuses for booking through their sites. Swagbucks is a good example of one such program, so be sure to check these offerings out and see how much you can save by taking advantage of something you already participate in.


Avoid Holiday Travel




People often hit the road for a holiday, but those who choose to avoid these peak times save a great deal of money. The same is true of the weekend before and after a holiday. If everyone is traveling to the beach this summer, consider vacationing in the mountains. European hotels charge a fortune during the summer months, so arrange a vacation during the spring or fall. Being flexible with travel times can save you a bundle, so plan your different vacations during non-peak periods. The crowds are smaller as well, allowing you to fit more in during the time you have.


Travel With Family And Friends




Save money on a rental by going in on the property as a group. There are additional benefits of going this route, as this ensures parents have a babysitter when they want to get away for a few hours, and the kids always have someone to play with. A variety of sites now offer rentals of this type, thus travelers should easily be able to find a property regardless of where they wish to vacation. Furthermore, properties of this type typically come with a kitchen, allowing guests to prepare many or all of their own meals, saving even more on the trip.


Go Camping




Consider camping this summer and spend time in the great outdoors. The cost of doing so is minimal, and travelers find they can still see and do the things they wish to while going this route. Tents are one option, a recreational vehicle another, and many state parks have cabins for rent. Some of these cabins have running water, electricity, and temperature control, driving the price up, but it’s still an option to look into when planning a summer vacation.


Watch For Sales On Airline Tickets




Airlines often choose one day each week to post sales, and travelers need to determine which day this is for each airline. Look into email alerts for some airlines, like Virgin Australia. Every Thursday, this airline posts sales during their Thursday Happy Hour. Club 49 Alaska Airline members receive updates on Tuesdays regarding weekly sales. People who travel a lot will benefit greatly from taking advantage of these sales.






Make use of sites such as Groupon and Living Social to save on vacations. They provide deals on travel and coupons for everyday items. Some packages are all-inclusive, yet others are for a single part of the trip. Be sure to check out the last-minute deals on these sites and see if there are any daily or weekly specials that you can take advantage of. Do your research, however, as certain packaged deals can actually be more costly. It’s up to the traveler to find this out for him or herself. In addition, look for discounts on attractions during the vacation. Many people find out of the way places they really enjoy when they take advantage of specials through these sites.


Consider Driving




Individuals often drive to their desired vacation location, then pay to stay in the center of the action. Find lodging outside of the tourist area and save money on accommodations. Factor in gas costs, however, to make certain this is actually a good deal, especially with the way gas prices have been fluctuating lately. Driving to various locations in the vacation area when public transportation isn’t available can push costs up, so research is required here also.


Carefully plan your summer vacation. When you do so, you find you can save money or possibly do more than you imagined as a result of the savings. Make the most of every minute and every dollar. You can still have fun but do so at a discounted rate. Try these tips today to see how much you can save.