When applying for disability insurance in Canada, it is important to be familiar with the Guide to insurance: Disability insurance. It is essential to fully understand the guidelines and requirements before applying. There are several pieces of information to become familiar with before applying for disability insurance. The medical assessment portion of the process is an important part that will be considered greatly in the approval or denial decision.


Many people do not realize that approval or denial can be determined through this information. Typically, this information alone does not determine whether or not someone is approved for benefits.


How to qualify for disability insurance


To qualify for disability benefits, an individual will have to have a chronic and severe condition that is expected to continue over time. Also, the condition has to be one that either the treatment or condition itself will seriously impair the applicant’s ability to work. The reason this is important is because a person may have a condition that is considered severe, but the treatment and condition does not affect their ability to reasonably perform his or her work.


There are other factors that also go into the decision. An applicant’s prognoses, age, performance at work, wages, along with other criteria are also taken into consideration when applying. It is common for potential applicants to become apprehensive about the application process, but knowing as much information as possible on the process can alleviate some of those fears.


Applicants over the age 60 and working, may be able to receive an increase to their income from retirement. The Post-Retirement-Benefit can be received by applicants that are between the ages of 60 and 70, employed and are contributing to Canada or Quebec Pension Plan. Obtaining information on this and other vital information related to applying for and receiving disability insurance will greatly improve an applicant’s experience in the application process.


Many people begin the application process without thoroughly understanding the qualifications and requirements. This can give people unrealistic expectations or may even cause some individuals to not even start the process because they do not feel they will qualify for benefits. Knowing as much information as possible is the first and smartest step in beginning the application process for disability insurance.