Most people spend quite a bit on their vehicle each year between filling it up, getting repairs done, and even washing the vehicle to ensure it looks great. With all this money spent on maintaining the vehicle, wouldn’t it be nice if the vehicle would give something in return?

It’s actually possible to earn 3400$ a year or more simply by driving the vehicle around town. Below are two different ways a person can bring in a little extra cash with their vehicle.

Advertise for Local Companies

If a person spends quite a bit of time driving throughout the week, the potential is there for them to advertise to a local company. Many companies will supply a large sticker or magnet that can be placed on the vehicle, or may even wrap the entire vehicle in an advertisement.

As a person drives around, other drivers on the road will notice the advertisement and it will bring in money for the local company. This could bring in the car owner quite a bit of extra cash and they don’t have to do anything different from their normal routine.

Take People Where They Need to Go

This doesn’t mean becoming a taxi driver. Instead, if a person regularly travels between two different cities they might see if there is another person who needs to go to the next city. This can be a great way to meet new people, but it can also net half the cost of gas and around twenty dollars for a trip just to the next city.

If a person is traveling further and another person needs to go the same way, the potential is there to make quite a bit more money. Significant amounts of money can be brought in that can help cover the costs of traveling when a person does this frequently.

There are actually quite a few different ways a person can use their vehicle to actually bring in money instead of just spending money on it each year. In fact, a person will find it’s quite easy to make as much as 3400$ a year simply by driving their typical route. Take a look at the ideas above and look into a few other ways to find out what will work best for you.