Household budgets need to be cut, and children’s clothes fit right into the monthly budget. Thankfully, there are options for parents to seriously roll back their clothing budget. Explore these three ideas to save money on children’s clothes.


The Plastic Bags and Plain Clothes


Some major retail shops have an option on the shelf over by the socks and underwear. In this section, a buyer will find a small bag of shirts. 3 for 10$ is not uncommon. The shirts will usually be a solid color. They may even all be the same color, which does not bode well for mixing and matching. To save some money, buyers can stock up on a few sets of shirts, often solid in color but sometimes with an accompanying graphic. Keep an eye out for sales that bundle shirts together. It is a big way to save. These shirts are obviously best as play shirts. They are reserved for trips to the park, the pool, and other areas. Grandma’s house or school may require something a little higher on the quality scale.


Ask Friends


All it takes is a question to the right person, and a problem is resolved. People need to be a little more willing to speak up and simply ask. Use local contacts and friends to trade clothes, trade babysitting, and typically use each other as tools to save money for all parties.


Seasonal Buying


It is a classic consideration. Buy fall clothes in the early summer and buy summer clothes in the deep months of winter. This is a theory that is well-known, yet rarely practiced. That is because it requires some serious thinking ahead. With the hustle and bustle of caring for children, amongst everything else in life, taking a special trip in March to buy winter jackets seems to be low on the priority list. This is especially so because these jackets are not needed now. Budgets are tight, so it makes little sense to buy out of season when there is a small chance they may not even fit when they are needed. Regardless, the savings is huge. Buy one size up off-season and take advantage of liquidation inventory sales when the season is 8+ months away.


These are just three ideas, but there are many more. Stay diligent. Anyone trying to save money on children’s clothes will have to go a bit out of their way, away from the mall and into some new spots at some new shops. Comment and share to gather more ideas on saving money and getting ahead.