A loved one who is elderly, becomes sick or is diagnosed with any kind of mental illness or disability is never an easy responsibility to commit to. Of course when it comes down to it, you most probably will assume the responsibility, however there are many factors to realize when accepting the role as caretaker.


As it seems to go with many other things in life, a big amount of stress is directed towards finding a manageable way to pay the extra bills as well as maintain your income, after all, you will be not only supporting yourself, but supporting another adult who may not have an income or has not much of a savings habit.


Whatever situation you may be presented with, it is always good to know how you will afford and manage your finances.  Many who are supporting a loved one struggle to make ends meet when trying to cover basic living costs while others are actually in debt. Holding a job can prove to be a struggle and usually ends up being part time and low pay.


It is good to know what benefits are available if ever such situation might arise.  Many who are eligible to claim state benefits and allowances do not claim then simply because they are unaware of the help that is entitled to them.  When adjusting to caring responsibilities many are not given any advice on where to get help. Here are some places to start when seeking financial help when caring for a loved one:


  1. Association Cooperative d’Économie Familiale
  • Offers finance management workshops
  • Offers help with taxes
  • Budget consultation


  1. Emploi Quebec
  • Assistance finding employment
  • Assistance with social welfare


  1. Saint Columba House
  • Offers assistance, rights and support information for social assistance


  1. Acceuil Bonneau
  • Offers assistance
  • Help with housing and food
  • Psychological intervention


  1. Projets PART
  • Offers delivery and pick up of prepared meals.


  1. Sun Youth
  • For those in difficult situations, Sun Youth offers help with food, medical and other services.


  1. Canadian Cancer Society
  • Offers low income individuals living with cancer an annual travel and rehabilitation allowance.
  • Requires the submission of a financial assistance request filled out by a health care professional.


  1. Financial Assistance Program for Domestic Help Services
  • Helps assist with some of the costs of domestic chores such as cleaning, grocery shopping and meal preparation.


  1. Federal Government
  • Declaration of tax deductible costs of caring for a love one.