How to lower electric bill in winter

Winter can be a little harsh for your body, mood, and pockets. It’s gloomy, cold, and, worst of all, costly. That’s because you typically use up more heat so bills start to increase.

There’s little you can change about all this but at least you can control your finances. Below are tips on how to lower electric bill in winter to save money and maintain your sanity.

Use Less Heat

The first thing everyone asks as winter approaches is “how to lower electric bill in winter.” Because everyone loves to blasts the heat to enjoy the warmth in winter.

However, you can save money by switching the heater when you’re off to work and when sleeping. When you come back in the evening, it might be a little chilly. But once you turn the heat on, the house warms up after a few minutes.

If that seems a bit extreme, you can also try leaving the heat on at a lower temperature throughout the day.

Make DIY Gifts

Winter comes with many holidays that call for celebration. It’s really easy to spend without giving much thought during the holidays. With these holidays also comes a lot of gift exchange.

You may see your bank account lowering by the day after you’ve done some shopping. It’s much better if you give gifts without stressing over your bank account. Instead of buying gifts, consider making gifts, and this will save you a lot of money.

You’ll only require to spend on supplies (sometimes you may already have them).

Turn off the Lights

It’s the little leaks that sink the ship. If you’re still wondering how to lower electric bill in winter you might want to consider thinking of all the things you’re leaving on while sleeping or away. 

Things like TVs and lights will increase your bill if you don’t switch them off while not using them. Leave a reminder to turn them off when not in use saves both energy and money. You can also set automatic reminders on some electronics to help conserve energy.

Go for an Intimate New Year’s Party

You might spend a lot of money buying tickets and dining with family and relatives during the New Year. This can be fun and exciting but you don’t want it to leave your account in the red.

Instead, organize an intimate party with family and friends. Everyone pitch in to bring food and drinks. This will save everyone lots of money and it’s still a great way to celebrate the New Year.

Budget for Your Meals

Grocery shopping is one of the largest monthly expenses for most people. Often times you’ll go into the supermarket with the motive of buying five things then you leave with more than ten items. Then some of the food goes to waste before you even get to eat it.

During winter, take more time to plan out your meals to help you save. Make a budget of the amount you want to spend in a week and make a list of the items you’ll need. Buying in bulk can also help with saving money.

Another tip for meal prepping is always to cook extra and freeze them for later. This will also help save you time on cooking throughout the week and running back and forth to the store.

Carpool to Save on Gas

Gas is expensive and your car consumes more during winter because of the heat that you turn on inside your car. While you’re wondering how to lower electric bill in winter, you could also be putting money back in your pockets through transportation expenses. 

Adopt gas-saving habits like going to the grocery store once a week and taking public transit to work sometimes.  By limiting the time you’re spending in the car, you could reduce the amount of gas being used.

Avoid Excessively Swiping Credit Cards

Time and again you’ve heard expert advice on not buying things that you can’t afford. The winter season is the best time to listen to this advice.

There are many flashy things that are tempting to buy all in the name of a holiday. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are tempting but think twice before you swipe your card

It’s best to stay disciplined and avoid getting into debt. You should only use your credit card when it’s essential.

Opt for Cheaper Activities & Entertainment

Going to the movies and out to fancy restaurants are really fun ways to pass the time in winter. Since it’s cold outside, there seems like isn’t much to do that doesn’t involve spending lots of money.

You may not be able to take long walks in nature or go to the beach for free. However, it’s time for you to get creative with winter activities and the way you choose to entertain yourself. 

Technology has allotted us plenty of options for entertainment. Stay in for an evening of Netflix or have a game night. Thinking out of the box for entertaining yourself during winter will save you tons of money.

Save Money by Using Natural Resources

This is another great tip on how to lower electric bill in winter. Nature has truly given us everything we need to survive. Nowadays we are able to streamline these resources but you can still use them in addition to your regular utilities. 

Some ways you can do this is by letting natural light in throughout the day instead of using lots of lights. If you have somewhere that’s safe for a fireplace, consider using this to heat up the house. 

Using natural resources can make a huge difference in your expenses. 

Learn How to Lower Electric Bill in Winter

One of the most commonly asked questions during colder seasons is “how to lower electric gas bill in winter?” Take another look at some of the tips we listed above to help you start saving money on your winter expenses. 

If you’re in over your head this winter and want to learn more about how you can get a loan to help, contact us today.