The simple truth about the fall and winter holidays is that they are a hectic time for everyone. Between decorating the home, traveling to see family members, and shopping for holiday gifts, it can often seem that this time of the year entails nonstop chaos.


Fortunately, there are tips and tools out there that can help people make it through the holidays without losing their sanity. For those who tent to dread the holiday shopping season because of the long lines and empty wallets, read on to discover how it might be possible to avoid both while still hitting every gift-giving goal this holiday.


A Few Helpful Smartphone Apps For The Holiday Shopping Season


Smartphones are useful for many things, but not everyone realizes that they can be used to help make holiday shopping easier as well as assist shoppers in hunting down the best deals. Below is a rundown of specific apps that all shoppers should be downloading.


  • RetailMeNot: This is a popular holiday shopping app among many savvy shoppers. This app collects coupon codes and sale information, making it easy for in-store shoppers to search for coupons and deals for a store they want to visit. Then, all they need to do is give the code to the cashier to get the discount they’re seeking.
  • Clutch: This app also searches for daily deals and coupons at stores. However, it also takes things a step further and allows shoppers to store their gift and loyalty card information right in the app, making it easier to obtain and keep track of credits and purchases that may lead to some discounts down the line.
  • Goodzer: This holiday shopping app calls itself the “local shopper’s best friend” because, as a friend, it would never let anyone miss out on a deal. The app works by comparing prices on items and alerting shoppers if it’s available at a cheaper price in a different store. Apps like PriceGrabber, RedLaser, and The Find also have this comparison function, and these apps have the added benefit of allowing shoppers to track products they may be interested in purchasing so that they can know immediately if they go on sale.


Although the holiday season is known to be chaotic, shopping for gifts to give to family members and beloved friends doesn’t have to be a frustrating undertaking for everyone. With some detailed planning and assistance from a technological device, it is possible for the holiday shopping experience to be calm, pleasant, and maybe even a little joyful.


Tips To Help Shoppers Survive The Busiest Time Of The Year


As anyone who has participated in holiday shopping knows, it can be a nightmare – especially if the shopper isn’t well-prepared. Here are just a few solid tips that, when followed, can make this time bearable at the least and maybe even allow shoppers to have a little fun buying gifts for their loved ones:


  • Make A List: No holiday shopper should leave the house without a list. It may not be necessary to have a specific gift for each person nailed down, but there should be at least some general idea of what each gift will entail. Not only does this help cut down on time spent shopping, but it makes it less likely that the shopper will face the hassle of regretting their purchases and having to brave long store lines twice return items that aren’t a good fit.
  • Use Technology: There are so many apps and websites out there to help shoppers survive the holiday season. First, it’s a good idea to like and follow retailers’ social media pages in order to stay in the know about promotions, sales and deals. In the next section, there will also be some information on specific apps that can help with finding coupons, promo codes and other money-saving holiday deals.
  • Plan Time Wisely: While this should go without saying, many people still wait until the last minute to do their shopping. This not only means longer lines since there will be lots of other late shoppers, but it could also mean missing out on deals or running the risk that items bought online won’t arrive on time.