When the first invitation appears in the mailbox, it’s a reliable sign that wedding season is here. While it’s exciting to help family members and friends celebrate a very special day, it’s also worrisome to think about the effects on one’s finances. Weddings aren’t known for being budget-friendly for anyone, including guests.

However, that doesn’t mean that attending a wedding has to be a budget breaker. By planning carefully and using the following wedding money hack list, guests can avoid going broke during wedding season.

Setting a Budget

Before planning how to save, it’s important to arrive at a starting figure. Guests should examine their personal budgets. If there’s wiggle room, great and, if not, spending adjustments should be made. Track income and expenses, then pick an amount and stick with it.

Don’t exceed the limit or there will be troubles long after the wedding is over, such as credit card debt.

Cutting Costs

Men have an easier time planning their wedding wardrobe. They can wear a suit that’s already in the closet, and they can wear it over and over. It’s trickier for women, but it does not have to be. Pick a basic, but stylish, dress in a neutral color and splash it up with accessories.

People will never know the difference! Dress rentals are another option, and it’s a lot cheaper than buying a dress that will only be worn once or twice.

Buying Gifts

Buying a wedding gift is part of being a guest. The average wedding gift costs between $75 and $100, but there aren’t any firm rules on spending, other than what’s affordable. There are wedding money hacks that can help guests stay within budget and still look as if a lot of money was spent.

Promo codes can be very helpful, especially if the happy couple registered at a place that uses them. Cut costs even further by buying from a retailer offering free shipping.


Depending on the distance between the wedding venue and home, travel can be an enormous expense. However, spending depends on the mode of transportation. For instance, it costs about $150 to fly from New York to Philadelphia, while it can cost just a few dollars to take a bus.

Guests may have to make sacrifices in comfort to find budget-friendly travel arrangements, but the results will be worth it.


Unless guests have family or friends in the destination city, they may have to book a hotel room. Couples frequently reserve room blocks at a lower rate and, if being near all the action is important, this is a good route to take. That’s just one option, though, as sites like Airbnb can offer private rooms for great prices.

Finally, guests can cut expenses by not staying the whole time. Some weddings are multi-day events, but there’s no obligation to stay if the guest is only a casual acquaintance or if it’s just not in the budget.

Going to weddings doesn’t have to put guests in debt. Before replying to invitations or making plans, know what’s affordable. Knowing what one can afford to lay out on travel, clothing, wedding gifts, and other costs can help to keep the wedding season budget in check.