• What is a Job Confirmation?
    A verbal confidential job confirmation is the way that we ensure that our clients are still employed. We simply call your employers to verbally confirm if you are currently working for them, your hiring date and how long they plan on keeping you employed. Also please note that these phone calls are confidential; meaning our analysts never divulge to your employers that you are applying for a loan.
  • Do you accept cloud service links to receive my documents?
    No we do not. We accept screenshots, scans, and pictures of your documents with your smart phone but we cannot open links from web host providers like One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.…
  • Do I need a phone to be approved?
    Yes. The phone number(s) you have provided on your application must be active and under your name.
  • What is a Paperless application?
    What we offer is unique: not a single paper document will be required from you. This includes an e-signature, and instant verification. By giving us a secured view-only access to your bank account, it is possible to get approved for a loan without the painful process of providing a series of documents.
  • What is instant verification?
    • I’ve never heard of this before?
      Instant Verification is a service that allows us to instantly verify your identity and view an electronic and secure copy of your bank statement allowing us to make a fast and accurate decision on your loan without any credit checks. It replaces outdated methods such as faxing your bank statement or making time consuming calls to your bank. It provides you speed, privacy, security and convenience.
    • I don’t like giving my personal information online,
      how do I know if this is safe?
      We understand your concern, which is why our procedures rank amongst the best available on the web. This system was designed specifically to enhance your privacy and security. It operates at bank level security using the same 128-bit encryption as your bank does. Username and passwords are never displayed, viewed or stored. This is the safest, fastest, and most convenient way for you to submit your information for a loan approval.
    • What will you do with my information?
      Your user id and password are securely transferred directly to your financial institution in order to verify your identity as well as retrieve a 90 day “read-only” copy of your bank statement. The information is viewed by our specialists in order to make a fast and accurate decision on your loan.
    • Are you going to be logging into my bank?
      Absolutely not. We never see your user id and password nor do we ever have the option to “login” to your account. This system allows you to securely and privately submit an online read only copy of your bank statement. This information is necessary in order to approve your loan request and is the most secure technology on the market today.
    • I’d rather scan/fax or email in my information.
      We understand your concern and invite you to contact us over the phone if you rather use the traditional method of sending the required documents by scan/fax or email. Please note, this Instant Verification delivers enhanced privacy, security, convenience and speed, allowing us to get an approval of your loan within minutes.
    • How do I know this is not a scam for my personal information?
      This system was designed specially to enhance your privacy and security. It operates at bank level security using the same 128-bit encryption as your financial institution. Additionally, the website is monitored and verified by Verisign, the highest level of online site security.
    • Will you see my password information?
      Never. Your ID and password are never displayed or viewed. Your credentials are transferred to your financial institution at bank level security. If your credentials are correct, we will then receive a “read-only” copy of your bank statement allowing us to make a fast and accurate decision on your loan.
    • Why do we recommend to use this system?
      We use this system because it’s the safest & most convenient way for our customers to verify their banking information. This information is a necessary step in approving your loan request. It provides many benefits over old fashioned methods such as security, privacy, convenience, and speed.
  • Will I be eligible for a loan if I’m self-employed?
    Unfortunately, no. You must be paid by direct deposit on regular time periods to be considered for the loan.
  • What requirements must I fulfill to be eligible for a loan?
    To be eligible for the loan, you must meet the following criteria:
    • Be 18 years or older
    • Have a monthly income over $1200 that you receive by direct deposit or cheques from your employer
    • Have a stable job or source of revenues with a minimum of 3 months or more of prior service
    • Be a Canadian citizen
    • Have a Canadian bank account active since a minimum of 3 month in which you get paid by direct deposit
    • Not be on the brink of declaring bankruptcy or entering into a consumer proposal
    • Have few or no non-sufficient funds transactions
    • Have a low short term debt ratio (other active short term or loans)
    We apologize in advance but we DO NOT accept the following as valid income sources:
    • Social assistance
    • Student loan
    • Child tax
    • Self-employment
    • CPP
    • Private pension
    • Disability income
    • Other insurance income
  • Why would my application be refused?
    Refusal of your loan application may occur due to one or more of the following reasons:
    • An un-discharged bankruptcy is present on your file
    • Your do not have a stable employment
    • You did not provide all required information in your documents or you provided incorrect information when filling out the forms. There are too many insufficient funds or other similar charges in your bank account.
  • How long do I have to wait for the money
    to become available in my bank account?
    We pride ourselves in providing you with quick and reliable service. Hence, your money will be deposited in your account on the same day of the application, as long as your application has been approved by 14:00 EST. In the event that your application is approved after 14:00 EST, please allow a maximum of 24 business hours for your money to be deposited. We can guarantee that you will not have to wait a second longer than the time here specified.
    Our rates are among the best!
    We only do business with trusted and reliable lending companies who offer:
    • Yearly interest rates of 28% to 32% (APR)
    • An interest rate of 2.66% monthly or 32% annually for outstanding loans in the case of default $45 in NSF fees
    • 3 months as the minimum length for repayment, meaning smaller installements
    • The possibility to delay a payment for an administration fee of $25
    • Brokerage fees which are applied to the loan
  • Do you accept Employement Insurance ?
    Yes, we do! After you finished paying off your first loan with Captain Cash, we accept E.I. as a valid form of income for all renewals. You must provide us with a proof of EI. Certain conditions may apply, contact us online or by phone at 1-888-226-1026 to get more information.