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While no one likes to think about it, there are times when emergencies occur and having access to a quick source of cash is important. That’s where Captain Cash can help. We’re here to provide clients with easy access to cash when it’s needed most. Our thousands of past clients will attest that the process is simple and secure.

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On any given business day, if your application is approved by 2 pm ET, your money will appear in your account the same day.

To be eligible for the loan,
you must meet the following criteria:
  • Available to Canadian citizens over the age of 18 residing in Ontario, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta, Nunavut, Northwest Territories or Newfoundland
  • Have a Canadian bank account that’s been open for at least three months with consistent payroll deposits
  • Have stable employment for at least three months and a monthly income of at least $1200.00 per month directly deposited in your account
  • Have few or no non-sufficient fund transactions
  • Not currently considering entering bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or debt management
  • Have a low short-term debt ratio (minimal other active short- term or payday loans)
We apologize in advance,
but we do not accept the following as valid income sources:
  • Social assistance
  • Student loan
  • Child tax
  • Self-employment
  • CPP
  • Private pension
  • Disability income
  • Other insurance income

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Who should consider online loans in Canada?

Not every situation calls for taking advantage of online loans in Canada. If time isn’t critical, it’s less costly to use a traditional bank to get the money you need. However, bank loans generally take days or even weeks to be approved, making them unsuitable for bills that require immediate payment. Of course, most traditional lenders will also require borrowers to have a solid credit rating, and not everyone in need of quick cash will meet their rigid requirements.

At Captain Cash, we understand there are times when people go through unfortunate circumstances and, as a result, see their credit ratings suffer. It’s our goal to work with every client to provide the money they need. While we have requirements, they’re generally far less stringent than those of banks.

Applying online is fast and easy and, if you don’t have immediate access to a computer, we can also take your application over the phone. Regardless of your current circumstances, it pays to explore online loans in Canada when you need money as quickly as possible. If you’re in need of money to pay for unexpected car repairs, utility bills, or other needs, an online loan may provide the solution you need.

If your application is approved by 2 pm ET, your money will appear in your account the same day. The stress of wondering how to take care of that bill will be gone that quickly!

Can loans be renewed?

Yes! Captain Cash offers clients the ability to renew a loan when circumstances have made repayment of the original balance difficult. Simply go to the “Renew Your Loan” section and provide the requested information.

Short-term loans are not long-term solutions to financial problems

While we’re always here to help, we don’t encourage our clients to constantly take out short-term loans to take care of everyday bills. Borrowing money can get expensive, so it’s more prudent to plan for cash needs in advance whenever possible. Establishing a regular savings plan and sticking to it can reduce your need to borrow money for emergencies in the future. If you’ve got more serious debt problems, it’s worthwhile to seek credit counselling to determine what actions would be required to resolve those issues. Counsellors can help borrowers identify poor financial habits and establish a plan to get past those problems and provide a firm footing for a better financial future. Captain Cash can, however, be of help at any time you’re experiencing cash flow problems. It may even be wiser to borrow a small amount of money than decimate an emergency cash fund. The best course of action always depends on your personal situation, so explore your options.

What are the main reasons people use short-term loans in Canada?

Surveys in Canada indicate there are several reasons borrowers turn to online lenders for short-term loans. The most commonly cited reason for using a short-term lender is, as you might expect, the fast and efficient access to cash. That’s why Captain Cash is here: We offer our clients the ability to resolve their cash flow problems within hours, not days or weeks. The second most-commonly cited reason for using Captain Cash and other short-term loan providers is convenience. Traditional banks are open during normal business hours, but that doesn’t help borrowers who can’t get to bank locations during those hours. At Captain Cash, you can apply online anytime. That means if you don’t get off work until well past normal business hours, you can still apply online and get a response quickly. You can also communicate online rather than having to phone an office and hope someone is there to answer. Our customers are our most important asset, and we do everything possible to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible. Another common reason people apply for short-term loans is an unfavourable credit history. While we pay attention to our clients’ credit histories, Captain Cash is far more liberal in lending to those who have had credit problems in the past. We encourage borrowers to use credit wisely, but we also understand that challenging circumstances happen and try to work with clients to get past those hurdles. At the same time, we’re also here to help those with stellar credit who simply need a short-term bridge to get them through the month. Cash crunches can happen to anyone, and we’re here to help take care of those emergencies. If you’ve got questions about whether or not an online loan in Canada is appropriate for your situation, contact our team and we’ll let you know how we can help. There is no reason to jeopardize your credit rating by missing a payment deadline when obtaining the cash you need now is so easy.

Your credit history is important!

Regardless of your current credit status, developing a strategy to increase your credit score can help you in the future. Taking advantage of every opportunity to improve your credit score today will make it easier for you to borrow money in the future. Paying your bills on time is the best thing you can do to improve your financial situation for tomorrow. At Captain Cash, we make it easy to schedule your payments so they’ll never be late. Take advantage of the short-term loan options at Captain Cash today to meet those emergency needs and protect your credit rating. While all short-term loans come with higher interest rates than traditional bank loans, most borrowers understand the value of having quick access to cash. We’re dedicated to providing the best customer service in our industry regardless of your past credit history. If you need money now or simply have questions about Captain Cash, feel free to contact our customer service experts.

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