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Are all payment eligible for a deferral?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot defer your first or your last payment of your loan. We also cannot defer an upcoming payment if your last payment was unsuccessful. We can not defer two payments in a row.

Are you going to be logging into my bank?

Absolutely not. We never see your user id and password nor do we ever have the option to “login” to your account. This system allows you to securely and privately submit an online read only copy of your bank statement. This information is necessary in order to approve your loan request and is the most secure technology on the market today.

Can I pay my loan in advance?

Your first payment must come out of your account as originally scheduled. After that, you may make an early payment for part or all of your loan at any time. We do require a minimum of 48 hours notice in order to stop a regular loan payment, and 7 days to stop a surety fee.

Can I pay off my loan early?

Your first payment must be taken by automatic withdrawal, but all other payments can be paid off early.

Do I need a phone to be approved?

Yes. The phone number(s) you have provided on your application must be active and under your name.

Do we offer insurance on loans?

Unfortunately, we do not offer insurance on our loan’s products at this time. However we are willing to make arrangements with you, if needed during difficult times.

Do you accept Employement Insurance as a valid loan revenue ?

Yes, we do! After you finished paying off your first loan with Captain Cash, we accept E.I. as a valid form of income for all renewals. You must provide us with a proof of EI. Certain conditions may apply, contact us online or by phone at 1-888-226-1026 to get more information.

How can I defer a payment?

To defer your upcoming payment, simply give us a call or email us at: 1-877-471-4589 or email us at [email protected]
Please note that a 48 hours delay is mandatory.

How can I get my loan application processed quicker?

The best way to have your file analyzed as quickly as possible is to have your name on your voice mail, provide a security contact that has their name on their voicemail, and to release consent to your employer to have a job confirmation done. These are the 3 most common items that can slow down an application.

How can I pay off my loan early?

Have your balance, you will have to choose how you would like to make this early payment. We offer 3 payment options: 1. Email Money Transfer. 2. Credit Card payment 3. Automatic withdrawal. For options 1 and 3, you can either call or email to request the information needed, but for option 2, you will have to call at 1-877-471-4589 to make the payment.

How do I receive my funds?

First time clients will have the option to receive their funds by Instant Deposit or Direct Deposit.

Returning clients can choose to receive their funds delivered by Instant Deposit, E-Transfer, or Direct Deposit.

How is the employment verification handled for my loan?

All of our employment verifications are done by a third-party company called Dominion Empire. All they will be verifying is the information that you already provided. Such at start date, position, and if it is full time or part time. All of your information is kept strictly confidential, and we never let the employer know that you are applying for a loan.

How much am I eligible to borrow as a first-time client on my first loan?

As a first-time client you are eligible to apply for a $500 Loan. As you gain a trusted history with our lenders you will be able to apply for the next higher amount.

How much will it cost me to defer a payment?

The fee to defer a payment is $25.00 for the first one. On your second deferral request, we charge you $50.00 ($25.00 fee and take $25.00 off your balance). On your third deferral, we would charge you $75.00, ($25.00 fee and take $50.00 off your balance).Please note that a 48 hours delay is mandatory.

I don’t like giving my personal information online, how do I know if this is safe?

We understand your concern, which is why our procedures rank amongst the best available on the web. This system was designed specifically to enhance your privacy and security. It operates at bank level security using the same 128-bit encryption as your bank does. Username and passwords are never displayed, viewed or stored. This is the safest, fastest, and most convenient way for you to submit your information for a loan approval.

I have changed the bank I deal with; how do I supply you with my new banking information?

In order for us to update the banking information on your file, we will need a void cheque or a pre-authorized debit form. Simply forward a picture of either document to [email protected]

I have completed my loan application. what is the next steps?

Once an application is completed, including all documents or Instant Banking Verification, your file will be sent to the analysis department. The analysis department will review your application to determine if all is in order and meets the requirements of the lenders and conduct all verifications. This process can take up to 1 business days, but is usually much faster than that.

I have lost my employment or I am unable to work at this moment, what do I do?

If you have lost your employment or you are unable to work for different reasons, we have ways to help. We will require you to supply documentation supporting your claim. If the correct documentation is provided, then we can have payments suspended for 2-6 weeks. ex: E.I. Claim, Doctors note, Disability claim, Detox center documents, private insurance claim, etc. If by the 6 weeks, you are not back at work, you will need to get in contact with us to make arrangements at 1-877-471-4589.

I missed a payment, what will happen?

If you missed a payment, you will acquire a $45.00 NSF charge. If you missed a surety fee payment, then that payment, along with the NSF fee, will be put at the end of your surety payments. If you missed a regular loan payment, then that payment along with the NSF fee, will be put to the end your loan payments. For each missed payment, you loan will be extended by 2 payments, 1 for the missed payment, and 1 for the NSF fee. How ever if you can make up the missed payment within 5 business days, no NSF fee will be charged.

I missed a payment; how do I make up for it?

We always offer 5 business days to make up for missed payment. If that payment is made within 5 business days, then no NSF fee will be applied. We offer 3 payment options: 1. Email Money Transfer. 2. Credit Card payment. 3. Automatic Withdrawal. For options 1 and 3, you can either call or email to request the information needed, but for option 2, you will have to call at 1-877-471-4589

In order to defer a payment, how many days in advance do you require the client to request the deferral?

In order to defer your upcoming payment, we need a 48-hour notice for regular loan payments, and a 48 hours notice for surety fees (as they are collected by a third party company)

Instead of deferring a payment, can I put a stop payment on instead?

We would advise you not to. For any missed payment, you will acquire a missed payment fee. That fee is more than the fee we charge to defer your payment. Multiple stop payments on a loan will put your file into a poor standing. This could affect your ability to obtain another loan in the future.

Is my information protected?

The loan application process is 100% safe. Our company guarantees that your information will be kept confidential. When you call us about your file, we will always require that you answer security questions to access your file. This procedure ensures that nobody else but you can access to your information.

My loan application is complete does that mean ill have the money today?

Once we have all the required information your file will be sent to the analysis department for review. This process can take up to 24 Business hours, but it is usually much faster than that.

Payments are not affordable for me right now, can we set up a payment agreement?

We do offer payment arrangements, simply give us a call at 1-8777-471-4589, our qualified agents will do their best to help you make this loan more sustainable.

What happens if I’ve missed the last payment on my loan, but I now have a new loan?

We always offer 5 business days to make up for missed payment, if you don’t or can’t make up for the missed payment, then on your next payment date you will have both payments come out of your account, and the NSF fee will come out on the following payment date.

What is a Job Confirmation?

A verbal confidential job confirmation is the way that we ensure that our clients are still employed. We simply call your employers to verbally confirm if you are currently working for them, your hiring date and how long they plan on keeping you employed. Also please note that these phone calls are confidential; meaning our analysts never divulge to your employers that you are applying for a loan.

What will you do with my information?

Your user id and password are securely transferred directly to your financial institution in order to verify your identity as well as retrieve a 90 day “read-only” copy of your bank statement. The information is viewed by our specialists in order to make a fast and accurate decision on your loan.

When will you withdrawing the deferral fees?

Deferral fees are taken on the same day your regular payment was scheduled to be taken.

Where can I find information regarding your surety fees and payments?

Your loan contract is 4 pages in total. The first two pages are for the loan itself, and the last two pages are for the surety fees. It is important to note that the date of the first payment is on Page 1 of the surety fee contract as the surety fees are paid first. We encourage all of our clients to fully read and understand all four pages of their contracts.

Why do we call employer? Why can’t I just use my pay stubs as proof of employment?

A pay stub is simply proof that you did work for an employer, not proof that you are still or will continue to be employed in the future. By conducting a verbal job verification, our lenders are able to ensure that you are still actively employed.

Why does it take 24 business hours?

It can take up to 24 business hours to complete an application request once all required items have been received and the file is transferred to the analysis team. Here they will review your file and make all the necessary verification phone calls.
96% of all applications are usually completed and approved within 24 hours of receipt. However, it can take up to 3 business days based on the volume of applications received and the difficulty of conducting the verification phone calls.

Why does the deferral payment increase each time?

The deferral fee is $25 for each and every deferral request that is made. An additional $25 is charged for the second deferral and $50 for the 3rd deferral. The reason for this, is that the additional charge is applied to the final payment on your loan. The intent is to help get your loan paid off as quickly as possible to avoid additional interest. We do require a minimum of 48 hours notice in order to stop a regular loan payment, and 7 days to stop a surety fee.

Why don’t you accept CPP or ODSP or child tax as a valid loan income?

Unfortunately, this is the policy of our lenders at this time, and is beyond our control.

Will I be eligible for a loan if I’m self-employed?

Unfortunately, no. You must be paid by direct deposit on regular time periods to be considered for the loan.

Will I receive a confirmation if I pay the loan off early?

Yes you will, we always send a confirmation by email along with a confirmation number for your payment.