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Lethbridge is a city in the province of Alberta, Canada, and the largest city in southern Alberta. It is Alberta's fourth-largest city by population after Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer, and the third-largest by area after Calgary and Edmonton.we welcome you to Lethbridge, the home of the world's longest and tallest trestle bridge. Every year guests from across Canada and from around the world visit Lethbridge for the unique experiences and attractions we offer.

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I have been dealing with captain cash for months and am very happy with their service. I dealt with Cynthia today to reapply for a new loan and she was excellent. !!!

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Our statistics shows that shopping is definitely a favorite of our loyal customers in Lethbridge! Who doesn't like to spend money on their project and their furniture?

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Lethbridge Sunshine city - Lethbridge Alberta Canada

Lethbridge is a beautiful city with tremendous community pride. Lethbridge small city charm, friendly people and warm Chinook winds are second only to our spectacular High Level Bridge.

A financial emergency can arise at any time. Regardless of how well a person budgets or what steps they take to prevent such a crisis, no one can predict the future. When funds are short, people have a number of options available to them, for example borrowing from family and friends. This isn’t always an option, however, and cash loans can be of great help in this situation. Before applying for a cash loan, individuals need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of this financial product. When they have this information, they can then make an informed decision as to whether this is the right solution for their needs and situation.

Fast Cash

One reason many people turn to cash loans is they obtain the money they need quickly. When an emergency arises, there is no time to wait for a traditional lender to approve a loan, as this could take days or weeks. With a cash loan, the borrower knows within minutes if he or she has been approved and will be receiving the money needed to deal with the emergency. This not only helps to reduce the stress associated with the situation, but allows the person to focus on other aspects of the crisis rather than obtaining the funds needed.

Credit Isn’t an Issue

Some individuals have yet to build up credit and others have had credit issues in the past. This becomes a problem when a person attempts to get a conventional loan, as traditional lenders rely heavily on a person’s credit score when determining if the funds will be approved. Most lenders in the cash loan industry, however, don’t run a person’s credit or put little emphasis on the credit score during the decision-making process. They look more at the person’s income, length of employment and other outstanding loans when determining whether the funds will be provided.

Little Commitment

A traditional loan often comes with a long-term commitment, thus some people are hesitant to choose this funding option for anything other than a car or mortgage. They don’t want to commit to payments that extend for years into the future. With a cash loan, the funds must be repaid within a short period of time, typically weeks or months. Many people find they are more comfortable with this.

More Flexibility

Read some mortgage agreements and you’ll find that they come with a pre-payment penalty. If the loan is paid off before it is due or within a certain period of time, the borrower is actually penalized. This is less common with car loans, but some lenders may still include this clause. Furthermore, the payments with these types of loans are typically fixed for a period of time. With a short-term loan, this often isn’t the case.

Short-term lenders offer flexibility when it comes to repaying the loan. They may allow for interest only payments with the balance coming due later. This is only one of the options that may be offered, and borrowers need to learn the options before agreeing to a loan.

A Simplified Application Process

Apply for a traditional loan and you may feel as if you are buried in paperwork. Numerous lenders require copious amounts of documentation before they will even consider a loan application. Working with a short-term lender sidesteps this issue. Cash loans typically only require the person fills out a one-page application, and no documentation is necessary. This is of great help when cash is needed fast.

No Collateral is Needed

Many loans come with a collateral requirement. The lender demands this collateral to ensure they are protected in the event the borrower defaults. What happens if a borrower doesn’t have the necessary collateral? The loan is usually denied.

A cash loan is an unsecured loan so no collateral is needed. Be aware that the interest rate is higher due to the lack of collateral. Borrowers usually do not mind paying a higher rate to get the funds they need in a timely manner, but this is something each person must decide for themselves.

High Interest

One thing borrowers need to recognize is the interest rate seen with a cash loan is higher than with traditional loans, as mentioned above. This is due to the added risk the lender takes on when minimizing a person’s credit score and simplifying the application process. The payments tend to be higher as a result also, therefore borrowers need to ensure they can pay the loan as agreed without creating new financial problems.

Additional Financial Problems

In addition to adding to a person’s financial burden in the short term, cash loans may also be masking a bigger problem. If a person needs to take out a cash loan regularly to pay their normal bills, the problem isn’t with the high interest rate or the short repayment period. The person is actually living above his or her means and this cannot continue for a long time without repercussions.

Individuals need to carefully evaluate their financial situation and determine if cash loans are simply a way for them to avoid making some necessary changes in their life. If they continue to use short-term cash loans to pay their bills, they will continue to go in debt and get into a cycle of borrowing and repaying loans. This is not what cash loans are designed for and borrowers need to recognize this. They will never get ahead financially this way.

Consider the above when determining if a cash loan is right for your situation. Although many people have a negative opinion of cash loans, they are of great help to numerous people who are having financial difficulties. The key to knowing when to borrow and when to look at other options is to consider the need for the funds. Is this truly an emergency? If there is any question, ask family and friends. They will be able to help the borrower determine which option is right at this time. A crisis can leave a person nervous, anxious and confused. By working with others to form a solid decision, a borrower can make certain he or she is obtaining the funds for the right reasons.

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