7 tricks to make a budget when you hate math

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You must have read it numerous times but managing your finance begins with the making of a budget. Thanks to that first step, you will able to make better decision in term of expense and avoid spending money that you don’t have. Even though there are plenty of methods to make a budget, if you don’t like numbers, this operation may seem complicated or even unachievable. If calculus makes you want to abandon, discover some tricks that will help you make and respect your budget easily.


Having a baby

Having a baby: How much does it cost?

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Love is free but having and raising a child is not. Whether you are about to have a child or you already have one, we made a list of the main expense you will face during the first years of your baby’s life but also tips for you to save money daily.



Prepare Christmas now to enjoy it later

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The leaves are turning red, kids are working on their Halloween costume and you can find pumpkin flavored-treats on every corner. You might not know it but now is the perfect time to start planning the holidays.

You can make great savings by planning your Christmas all year long and by using some simple money hacks to save money on gifts but also on food and plane tickets. Discover how!


Men vs Women

Men vs Women: different in money management?

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We all know that men and women are biologically different but we can wonder if those differences can also apply in money management. Who spends the most? Who is more prepared for the future? Does the fact that women are still less paid that men influences the way they manage money?
Find out more below and discover some advice to manage the household money as a couple with differences.


credit score how to make it good

Credit score: how to keep it good

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If you ever borrowed money to buy a car or a house or if you simply have a credit card then you have a credit report and thus a credit score. The later is a mathematical formula that translates the content of your credit report into a score that is used by lenders to take decision anytime you apply for a credit.


emergency fund

How to manage a financial emergency

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We never know what could happen in life. You could lose your job, break your car, have a leak in your house or unexpected medical spending. All those surprises can have a subsequent impact on your budget especially if you could not put money aside during the year.


save money on halloween

Trick or treat: 7 money hacks to save on Halloween

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According to Celtic beliefs, spirits and the dead can cross over into the world of the living only on October 31st. To avoid that, people started to dress up as ghosts and spirits to fool the real ones. Nowadays, Halloween is essentially a celebration where people have fun hunting for candies, carving pumpkins and dressing up. Discover how you can celebrate it without emptying your wallet.