financing an engagement ring

The Complete Guide to Financing an Engagement Ring

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You want to give the love of your life a proposal to remember, but engagement rings can be pricey. If you simply can’t wait to save up for the right ring, then financing an engagement ring can be a smart move – if you know what you’re doing.

Taking Payday Loans in Canada affect the Credit Score

Does Taking a payday Loans in Canada Affect the Credit Score?

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Payday loans are short term and high-interest loans. They are generally taken for small amounts that include $500 or less. They are given for personal reasons and to connect the gap between paychecks. Payday loans are great for meeting any emergency expenses. You need to have some knowledge of short term loan plans when applying for payday loans.

credit score

Credit score: how to keep it good

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If you ever borrowed money to buy a car or a house or if you simply have a credit card then you have a credit report and thus a credit score. The later is a mathematical formula that translates the content of your credit report into a score that is used by lenders to take decision anytime you apply for a credit.


emergency fund

How to manage a financial emergency

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We never know what could happen in life. You could lose your job, break your car, have a leak in your house or unexpected medical spending. All those surprises can have a subsequent impact on your budget especially if you could not put money aside during the year.



Top Six ways to better prepare your retirement

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Not very long ago, retirement was a definitive term. Once you reached the age of 65, your career ended and pensions and government benefits stepped up to the plate. From that point on, the biggest question was what to do with your new-found free time, and the resounding answer was essentially whatever you wanted. Times have changed a bit, and the once distinct lines have become somewhat blurred.


How to teach money to children

10 golden tips to teach your children about money

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Many parents work hard to protect their children from some of the harsh realities of life. This is particularly true when money is tight. However, it’s important that you teach them in age appropriate ways how to budget their money. Here are some tips to teach financial education to your children.



Yes, Your Credit Card Can Take You on Vacation for (Almost) $0

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Many families are finding they must cancel their vacation, as they don’t have the funds needed to travel this year. What quite a few overlook is the benefits of using a credit card for travel purposes. Although numerous travelers use their credit card while on a trip, as it is easy to replace if lost or stolen, they never stop to think how doing so could save them money. You can use your credit card to go on vacation for free actually. Following are some ways to make a dream vacation a reality.