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There’s plenty to do and see in the City of Surrey. Check out parks, see some art, and attend an event. The Canada Day celebration and the Fusion Festival are 2 of the region's most popular summer festivals.

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What do people in Surrey like to do? Shopping!

According to our statistics, people from this beautiful city mainly use their shopping and home improvement!

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Why I love Surrey

Surrey - City of Parks - Surrey British Columbia Canada

The City of Surrey is the second largest city in British Columbia, with a population of over 500,000. Surrey population continues to grow as people from around the world move to one of the youngest and most culturally diverse cities in Canada.


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Crescent Beach

Stress relief is only a stone’s throw away, as Crescent Beach is the perfect place to relax and get a break from everyday life. Whether a person wants to stroll along the beach or play in the water, this is the ideal place to do so. In addition, the ice cream here is delicious. Be sure to bring enough cash to get some at least once while visiting. Two or more times may be necessary once you taste how good it is.

Tynehead Park

Take the entire family, including the dog, when visiting the park, as there is something for everyone here. Be sure to bring a leash, however, as the dog will love to chase the abundance of wildlife found in the park. This includes owls, coyotes, and hawks, among other creatures. The leash is only necessary in certain areas of the park though. There is a section specifically designed for dogs to run free, which they are sure to love. Just be aware of which areas are which for a great visit.

Redwood Park

Redwood Park is unique in that it is the creation of twin brothers who were deaf. The land was gifted to them by their father, and they opted to use it to plant trees. Over time, they planted 32 different types of trees from areas around the globe, including a grove of Redwood trees. They truly loved evergreens and planted varieties from France, Japan, California, and Russia, along with numerous other places. The brothers wanted to live near the trees, so they built a two-storey treehouse they called home. Although this treehouse has been destroyed by fire on more than occasion, it has been rebuilt and can be seen in the park today.

The Shops At Morgan Crossing

Bring plenty of money when visiting The Shops At Morgan Crossing, as there are many bargains to be found in this outlet centre. Several name brands maintain locations here, and the centre is considered by many to be the greatest outlet shopping found in the country.

Elements Casino

A number of amazing events are coming up at Elements Casino, so be sure to plan accordingly and budget for those you want to attend. For those times between events, you will still want to have money available when visiting so you can try your hand at one or more game tables. Furthermore, you need to have cash on hand or a credit card to take advantage of the fine dining at the casino. In the event you find you don’t have enough, call on us to help with a cash loan. We are here when you need us.

Captain Cash is here to help when a person finds they need money quickly. However, this is not a long-term financial solution, and borrowers need to remember this. The loan is designed to resolve a pressing financial matter, not to pay off a credit car or consolidate other bills. Consider all options available when money is needed. A cash loan is only one option for borrowers. Be aware of all so you can make the right decision based on the circumstances you are currently facing.

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