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Saint John is a city that can make you feel at home with no effort. Its numerous captivating attractions, charming streets and wonderful parks make everyone’s daily life more enjoyable.
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How about getting some extra money to shop in Market Square or to taste New Brunswick wine with Uncorked Wine Tours? Apply online to get the loan what you need today!

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Why I love Saint John

I love Saint Awesome! - Saint John New Brunswick Canada

Saint John offers both fast-paced energy and quiet, historic charm. There's no question you'll enjoy yourself in this amazing city. I personally recommend people to go visit Market Square, where you can find anything you look for, including little shops, cozy restaurants and even a library!



If you’re looking for a great way to spend a little free time around the Newfoundland and Labrador areas, the provinces’ coastal capital is the perfect choice. St. John’s holds endless possibilities in store and offers something to satisfy virtually everyone’s quest for entertainment. From the Newman Wine Vaults and Johnson Geo Centre to the vibrant dwellings of Jellybean Row and the site of the world’s inaugural transatlantic wireless communication, St. John’s brings you a colourful array of opportunities.

In the event you need a little free cash to fund such an outing, Captain Cash has the solution. Our cash loans in St. John’s provide an alternative to traditional lending options. Read on for further details or browse our website to learn more about how we can help place additional cash in your wallet in a matter of hours.

Why Do I Need a Cash Loan?

You might need a cash loan in St. John’s for any number of reasons. Unexpected health issues, surprise home or vehicle repairs, emergency travel needs and unforeseen school expenses are only a few of the hurdles faced by those who live in the region. Though not-bargained-for financial setbacks top the list of circumstances warranting a small-scale loan, they’re not the only motivation at hand. In fact, our sources indicate the vast majority of local residents use their cash loans in St. John’s for shopping.

The Money-Spending Season is upon Us

Though it seems most of us constantly have some type of occasion to shop for, Christmas is never very far away. We all have at least one or two people who have been diligently creating a wish list since last holiday season came to a close. This year, some of the hottest must-have items waiting to be bought include:

  • Fidgets: Kids across the globe are pulling at mum and dad’s shirttails in store checkout lines for those fidget spinners “conveniently” placed next to the cash register. A somewhat more complicated cube version of this wildly popular toy is available as well.
  • Hologram Barbie: Barbie makes her way further into the digital age this year with an interactive hologram version of herself. While it’s a 3D concept in 2D form, little girls are going crazy for this particular market breakthrough.
  • “Elmoji”: Sesame Street’s Elmo gets a revamp fairly regularly, but his latest reincarnation is quite a bit different. This year’s Elmo 2.0 uses emojis to teach youngsters computer coding and is already causing stampedes online as well as in physical stores.
  • Teddy Ruxpin: Everybody scream! A modern-day version of the 1985 classic has only recently hit store shelves. Instead of relying on cassette tapes, the latest version of Teddy Ruxpin features interactive digital technology and is accompanied by his own app for a far more versatile experience than his predecessor.

These are only a few of the latest market finds sure to mentioned in letters to Santa this year. Of course, all things interesting, cute and snuggly are sure to appeal to the little ones. With a cash loan in St. John’s, you can be sure to get in on the action early before all these items, or your drive to get them, runs out. Let’s not forget, those holiday family dinners also tend to come with sizable budget-draining price tags of their own.

Is a Cash Loan the Best Option for Me?

Whether or not a cash loan in St. John’s is the best route to take really depends on your circumstances. If you have plenty of money stored away and don’t mind dipping into your savings for whatever expense has cropped up, you probably don’t need a loan at all. Most of us can’t say that’s the case.

At the same time, those who have the time, resources and credit standing to rely on a more substantial long-term loan as well as its stretched-out repayment terms from a traditional lender would probably fare better taking that route. Again, not many people fall into this category. With a short-term cash loan like those available through Captain Cash, you can expect such benefits as:

  • Simplicity: All you need to do is create an account and fill out our five-minute online application to request a cash loan, or you can call us for help with the application. With certain other lenders, you’d be facing a long, draw-out and complicated process.
  • Convenience: With us, you can apply anytime you like rather than having to make an appointment and appear in person for questioning.
  • Speed: After filling out the fast, simple application, you could have money in your bank account by the end of the business day. Other lenders often leave potential borrowers patiently waiting at the mercy of their own time lines for days or even weeks before giving a response.
  • Flexibility: We don’t perform credit checks on our applicants, so more people are likely to be eligible for a cash loan in St. John’s than for other loan products on the market.

Plenty can be said for the payback process as well. Since these loans are for relatively small amounts, you won’t have thousands of dollars to pay back over the course of several months. Simply request $500 to $750 dollars and pay it back on your next payday.

Are You Ready to Claim Your Cash?

We have far fewer prerequisites in place than certain other lenders. You simply need to be a Canadian citizens who’s at least 18 years old with a steady job bringing in $1,200 a month or more. We also ask that applicants have a current Canadian bank account. If all these apply to you and you’re looking for a small short-term cash loan in St. John’s, Captain Cash is the solution.

Browse our website for more detailed information or call us at 1 (888) 226-1026 to speak with a representative. You can apply anytime, and the process is fast, simple and convenient. Whether you’re hoping to get an early handle on Christmas shopping or need car repairs just so you can get to the grocery store, we’re here to help.

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