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The City of Barrie is the perfect location. As it lies in the center of Simcoe Country, Barrie is the adventure capital of Ontario, boasting wonderful vistas, opportunities for the entire family and the beautiful Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe.

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The City of Barrie is the perfect location. As it lies in the center of Simcoe Country, Barrie is the adventure capital of Ontario, boasting wonderful vistas, opportunities for the entire family and the beautiful Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe.

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Barrie: Ontario's Best City? - Barrie Ontario Canada

Barrie, Ontario, is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and enjoys one of the country's lowest unemployment rates. This video looks at the secrets of Barrie's success and what all this growth may mean for the future of the city.


Nothing can cause stress like finding you don’t have enough money to cover an unexpected expense. Individuals who find themselves in this situation learn they can do a number of things. Money may be borrowed from friends and family, they can attempt to make payment arrangements with the person or entity they owe or they can take out a loan. A number of problems may arise when the third option is selected. Traditional loans take time to process, some lenders require capital and many lenders won’t work with individuals who have bad credit. These are only some of the things that may go wrong, but people will find they can avoid these issues by working with Captain Cash.

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Where The Funds May Be Used

Any time an individual goes to obtain a mortgage or car loan, the lender demands more information as the loan is secured by this asset. This isn’t the case with a loan from Captain Cash. The funds may be used for any purpose, and no questions will be asked of the borrower. This allows for flexibility, as the individual may use the loan to pay his or her monthly bills and the cash he or she has on hand to pay the car repair bill or other expense. He or she knows their situation best and Captain Cash understands this. Following are some things the cash may be used for in the area.

Barrie Centennial Park

Spend some time sunning on the beach or engage in a fun game of beach volleyball when you visit Barrie Centennial Park. There is a lifeguard on duty during the summer months and an accessible playground for kids that they are sure to love. The multi-use recreational trail is also a hit with those who come to the park, and there are concessions available for visitors. Plan a day trip to the park and you may find there is so much you wish to do that you need to come back again to fit it all in.

Spirit Catcher

Set aside time to visit the Spirit Catcher, an amazing sculpture created by artist Ron Baird for the 1986 EXPO. The 20 tonne sculpture was originally located in Vancouver at False Creek, but was moved to Barrie in 1987 after being purchased by the Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation of Toronto and donated to the Maclaren Art Centre where it is the first piece of the permanent collection. In fact, it remains the largest piece in the collection, and there are numerous others visitors will wish to see when they take a trip to the facility.

Maclaren Art Centre

Home to the Spirit Catcher, the Maclaren Art Centre serves as the public art gallery for the region. It currently holds 27,408 works of art in its permanent collection, with all works being held in a trust for the public. In addition, the facility holds year-round programmes focusing on special events, educational activities and world-class exhibitions. Visitors enjoy browsing the collection and love taking part in the many activities held here, such as the gallery tours. Be sure to visit the gallery shop and cafe to have a delicious meal and bring home some treasures to remember the special day.

Happy Paddling

There is no better way to enjoy the beautiful weather of Ontario than in a kayak. For those who prefer other watercraft, canoes and stand-up paddle boards are offered, and Happy Paddling offers lessons for those who are new to water activities. Participate in the AdventureSmart program designed to keep kids safe in the great outdoors, or sign up for the Reel Paddling Film Festival. While this year’s event has already taken place, planning has started for the 2018 program. This is only one of the many ways a person can have fun on the water when in Ontario, and there are numerous others. Bring money to ensure you can take part in those things that are of most interest to you.

Sunnidale Park Arboretum

To truly show the beauty of Ontario to visitors, people often head to Sunnidale Park Arboretum. This park is home to many different types of flowers, plants and trees. Some visitors say it is too overgrown, yet others feel it is too manicured and nature isn’t allowed to run free. This appears to be a matter of personal preference, but one should explore the entire area to find those sections they love the most. Doing so allows everyone to see more about the beautiful things to be found in and around Barrie, of which there are plenty.

Captain Cash is here to assist you when you find you are in need of funds. Be aware that this type of loan is only appropriate for certain situations. As there is no credit check and the requirements to qualify are easy, the interest rate does tend to be higher than seen with traditional loans. However, the convenience of a cash loan outweighs this drawback. Contact us today to learn more about the options available to you. We are ready to help in any way we can.

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