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Captain Cash is charmed by the beautiful seaside city of Charlottetown

Charlottetown carries on the tradition of hospitality like no others. Here, we aim to provide a quality service and customer care for the people of Prince Edward Island’s capital.

Short on cash to visit the Confederation Centre of the Arts with your kids or to fully enjoy shopping at Market Square? We have the solution for you! Simply fill in the form and Captain Cash will make sure that you can enjoy your time with no worries!

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People in Charlottetown have good taste buds.

Our statistics shows that people in Charlottetown principally use their loans for ... restaurants!

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Why I love Charlottetown

A great place to relax! - Charlottetown Prince Edward Island Canada

Charlottetown is full of hidden gems! Not only it offers beautiful landscapes, it provides a peace in your mind wherever you go. Festivals and special events take place continuously in this charming city!

No matter how frugal we may try to be with our money, income just doesn’t always cover expenses. It’s a simple fact of life. Though a number of options are available to help turn the tide during those budgetary challenges, not all of them are accessible to everyone who needs them. At Captain Cash, we offer an alternative to the norm. Our short-term cash loans in Prince Edward Island are designed to bridge the gap when income and other lending institutions fall short.

What is a Cash Loan?

Cash loans are an alternative to the hassle of traditional lending. For eligible applicants, they provide immediate access to extra cash. In our case, between $500 and $750 is available. They’re paid back over a much shorter term than other options, generally over the course of one to three pay periods following receipt of the loan.

What are the Benefits of Choosing this Option over Others?

Cash loan benefits are plentiful when compared to certain other options. As mentioned, they’re almost instant and available in small amounts so you’re not as likely to overextend yourself in a financial sense as could be the case with conventional lenders. Additional advantages include:

  • Minimal Eligibility Requirements. With banks and other lending institutions, near-perfect credit is required to qualify for a loan. With us, that’s not necessarily the case. We don’t perform credit checks and hold applicants to only a few prerequisites to be discussed shortly. If past financial difficulties have negatively impacted your credit score, you may still qualify for a cash loan in Prince Edward Island from Captain Cash.
  • No Questions Asked. Many lenders need to know what you plan to use the loan for after determining eligibility. We believe what you do with the money is your business, so use it for any purpose.
  • Convenience. We offer online request forms, so you never have to leave home to get the money you need. This also expands your time frame well beyond the limits of other lenders, meaning there’s no need to leave work early or take a day off to apply. Fill out our application first thing in the morning while enjoying your coffee, during lunch break, after the kitchen is cleaned up, when the kids are in bed, or whenever a spare moment presents itself.
  • Short-Term Paybacks. Since our cash loans in Prince Edward Island are short-term alternatives, there’s no need to worry about having an extra bill to pay for the next several months or even years. Though interest rates are slightly higher with loans like these, less interest might accrue than it would over the course of a long-term payback.

No matter why you need a little extra capital to get through to next payday, we can help. You’ll have fast access to extra cash in as little as an hour and won’t have to put life on hold or even leave home to apply.

How Do I Know if I Qualify for a Cash Loan?

Though we don’t perform credit checks, we do have specific eligibility requirements applicants must meet in order to receive a Cash Loan in Prince Edward Island. Aside from being a Canadian citizen, we ask that applicants:

  • Have a current Canadian bank account that’s been in effect for at least three months and has few insufficient funds transactions on file
  • Provide proof of at least three months of employment at their current job with an outside employer (self-employed individuals are not eligible)
  • Bring in at least $1,200 per month earned income with paychecks direct deposited into the bank account listed on their application
  • Have little to no short-term debt already on record
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid phone number

Once we verify all these elements, we can have money in your account within an hour as long as you’re approved before 2:00 p.m. Our fast, easy application process takes as little as five minutes to complete. It’s just that simple.

What are Cash Loans Used for?

It seems the majority of our customers use their cash loans in Prince Edward Island to enjoy our world-famous local cuisine at places like Claddagh Oyster House, the Pearl Eatery, and Blue Mussell Cafe. They also like to spend it on downtime in one of our renowned bed and breakfasts, such as WillowGreen Farm, Charlotte’s Rose Inn, or The Harbour House to name a few. Of course, shopping hasn’t been left out of the mix, either. You might use this instant cash to:

  • Visit the Anne of Green Gables House where Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “the Anne girl” learned the ins and outs of life as a teenage girl in a small town.
  • Spend the day golfing at Countryview Golf Club, Rustico Resort, Red Sands Golf Course, or one of our many other breathtaking venues.
  • Enjoy a day or two of fun and sun among our 1,100 kilometres of incredible beachfront landscapes.

Leisurely travel is certainly an option whether you stay local or take your family out of town for a quick getaway. Still, it’s not the only choice you have. People use cash loans in Prince Edward Island for a wide range of expenses, such as:

  • Surprise Vehicle Repairs. Vehicles never break down at opportune times, and repairs rarely come cheap.
  • Unexpected Dental Visits. One poolside slip-up leading to a broken tooth is all it takes to drain a savings account and leave you short on cash.
  • Emergency Medical Needs. Appendixes don’t wait until payday to rupture, and the latest bug going around doesn’t care if people have insurance coverage or not.
  • Back-to-School. Not all that long ago, kids needed little more than a pencil, notebook, and new pair of shoes to be ready for the coming school year. Times have changed, prices have surged, and all those regular monthly necessities need to be covered regardless of the depth of your back-to-school investment.

Like we pointed out before, it’s your money to spend as necessary, so don’t hesitate to get the ball rolling. Fill out our online application or call us at 1 (888) 226-1026, and let Captain Cash get you the money you need.