Even though the global economy took a bit of a hit a few years ago, slowly, the economy has begun to recover. There are many different signs of this recovery, but one of the areas where the recovery seems the most robust is with banks that issue credit cards. Over the years, this area has improved greatly. This has benefited the banks, individuals currently using credit cards or looking for a new account and it is benefited the economy as well. However, many people ask the same question, when it comes to a Credit card – Which Bank card is the most Generous ?


While there are many individual banks that offer excellent rates, from a industry wide overview, companies that are in good financial standing are typically those companies that are offering the best terms. In addition, a generous credit card can mean a number of different things. It can mean an improved credit line, which indicates a banks willingness to loan money. They can also mean different types of rewards, such as travel rewards or cash back programs. The fact is there is more than just higher credit limits when it comes to generous credit card offers.


For example, companies like Capital One, RBC and American Express all offer tremendous credit card offers. These cards can include travel miles that can be used for getaway trips or holidays and in some cases, cash back programs or complementary bonuses. However, what’s important to understand about a credit card bank that offers these types programs is that they may not be accessible to everyone looking for a credit card.


One thing that has happened because of a slowing global economy is that companies are looking more skeptically when it comes to sub prime credit card offers. While credit cards in general have been more generous across-the-board, and this is even correlated to higher than average levels of credit limits for sub prime cards, where most people will find the best savings is in prime and super prime credit card offers. This typically denotes credit scores of 682 to 759. This type of score denotes a prime credit score. Anything above 759 is considered super prime, and this is where higher credit limits and more rewards programs are typically offered.


Regardless of what situation you find yourself financially, the fact is that virtually anyone can benefit from the generosity that banks have been showing when it comes to credit card offers. Even with cards with lower credit limits, there is still the possibility of a sub prime borrower enjoying some of the benefits of a more prestigious credit card. With cash back programs and other types of reward programs, when a person is looking for a new credit card, the options are good and all indications are they will continue to do so.