For many, old toys bring in more than just fantastic memories. While a toy might remind a person of the childhood they had and the fun times they had with family and friends, some of the toys sitting up in the attic or packed away in boxes might actually be worth a little bit of money. In fact, if they’re in great condition or still in the original box, they could be worth thousands.

Some of the toys a person might have that could be worth quite a bit are below. Take a look through your childhood and see if there’s any memories that could net you a little bit of extra cash.

Old Video Games and Consoles

An old game boy color in excellent condition has been seen to grab nearly $2,000 recently online. Mario Kart 64 can be sold for a grand or more and a Sega Genesis or Nintendo can easily go for more than a thousand dollars. The consoles and systems do need to be in excellent condition with all parts available. Extra accessories for consoles can often be included to help bump the price even higher.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Just about every little girl through the 80’s had a cabbage patch girl. They were sought after for Christmas presents and given for birthdays or just because. Some lucky girls even got to visit the Cabbage Patch to pick one out just as it was “born.” These can now be collectors items and can sell for $2,500 or more if it’s a rare doll in great condition.


Before there were 3-D movies and inexpensive ways for children to watch videos, many children had a View-Master. This allowed them to view the mini pictures on an included disc, easily switching between the pictures with a click to see an entire story, a variety of animals, or even a bunch of stars. The View-Master itself can sell for more than $400 and the included discs can fetch a fair price as well, especially if they are rare.


These little egg shaped toys could clip easily onto a backpack or a pocket and go everywhere with the kid. Kids could collect a variety of them and keep them nearby at all times. Keeping them nearby was required, of course, as the toys included a digital pet that needed to be fed, washed, and walked. If it wasn’t taken care of, it could die.

Of course, it was a matter of just restarting the game, but the fun was in seeing how long one could be kept alive. These virtual pets didn’t cost much when they were popular, but can now bring in $500 or more.

These are just a few old toys that can bring in a significant amount of cash for anyone who still has them. Collectors love finding new pieces to add to their collection and they’re often willing to pay a significant amount for them.

Take a look at what’s in your attic or garage today to see if you have any old toys still in good shape. They might bring in a significant amount of extra cash.