Canada has managed to provide some fantastic businessmen and women. Canadian Business has exposed the 25 richest Wealthiest Canadians for the new year, and the list includes some notable exceptions. Read the full line-up below.

25. Frank Stronach

Stronach has accumulated a net worth of about $3 billion despite a failed political campaign. His residuals from the auto parts manufacturer, Magna, keep him on the fringe of the Wealthiest Canadians despite a business retirement.

24. David Cheriton

Cheriton is famous for becoming a billionaire with a single great investment- Google.

23. Fred and Ron Mannix

The pair has dominated the oil industry for decades, but they did face some major pitfalls. Even now, they are worth a cumulative $3.06 billion.

22. Bob and Tom Gaglardi

Bob and Tom Gaglardi have run the family business, Northland Properties, since inception. Worth $3.1 billion, the business has successfully and gloriously vertically integrated their company.

21. The Sobeys

The Sobeys are riding off what is essentially a sale of their incredibly famous grocery chain line. The transition has been anything but smooth, but their retirement from the industry is a well-calculated one.

20. Mark Scheinberg

Mark Scheinberg has been directly involved with PokerStars for over a decade. When legal trouble hit the company, Scheinberg decided to cash out of the firm with a staggering payday.

19. The Aquilini’s

The family has joined forces with Bob and Tom Gaglardi to purchase the $5.2 billion Garibaldi at Squamish Resort. The purchase has helped land the family with a $3.31 billion net worth.

18. Harrison McCain

The McCain legacy stands tall in Canada. The dynasty has continued to master the frozen food industry, and their international reach has resolved Harrison McCain to a $3.53 billion worth.

17. The Estate of Wallace McCain

The Estate of Wallace McCain has had its fair share of troubles. After a highly-debated and scrutinized infighting session, the company has refocused.

16. Alain Bouchard

Blouchard tried to receive superior control of company Alimentation Couche-Tard, but to no avail. He is resting with a $3.89 billion worth after the attempt was withdrawn.

15. The Estate of David Azrieli

The Azrieli estate has continued into innovative and historical new horizons as David Azrieli passed away in 2014. The state is exploring Holocaust education in honor of Azrieli fleeing Poland to become one of Canada’s landmark figures.

14. Daryl Katz

Business mastermind, Daryl Katz, is the founder of mega-conglomerate Katz Group of Cos. He dabbles in an assortment of industries.

13. Bernard Sherman

Bernard Sherman managed to navigate an endless assault of media reporting and government politicking in 2015. It is hard to surmise how “Barry” ended the year 19% up and still worth a staggering $4.16 billion.

12. Carlo Fidani

Fidani is an old-school business mogul. He has cultivated a massive portfolio of commercial and industrial properties.

11. Jeff Skoll

Jeff Skoll is most famous for being a former president of eBay. He founded a social-oriented collective in 2014, and is seeing a net worth of just under $5.3 billion. The company has funded many socially-conscious pictures alongside the influence of Steven Spielberg.

10. The Richardson’s

The Richardson’s have cultivated a massive commodity-based wealth for over 150 years, and that has resulted in a net worth of $5.63 billion,

9. The Estate of Paul Demarais Sr.

Though Demarais Sr. passed away, his estate is still raising dividends and exploring international finance industries.

8. The Saputos

The Saputo family runs one of the top 10 most successful dairy companies in the world. Their strategy has always been long-term focused, and that has resulted in a $6.43 billion net worth.

7. James Pattison

The Expo-86 hero is worth a mighty $6.89 billion, despite a handful of vote-downs in tax decreases and transit organization.

6. Joseph Tsai

Tsai has jumped right into the top of Canada’s wealth in one year. The Alibaba founder went public in 2014, making it a record-breaking IPO.

5. The Irving Family

The ever-famous Irving Family continues their vertical integration and generational efforts with a $7.5 billion net worth in 2016.

4. The Rogers

The Rogers Family had a great year in 2015. The company brought forward a nearly half a billion dollar deal with their main rival, Mobilicity.

3. Garret Camp

The skyrocketed success of Garret Camp is completely logical after he registered a business idea online after being lost for a cab. He founded Uber.

2. Galen Weston

Weston has made it clear he is not returning. His efforts continue to pay off, and he boasts a massive $13,67 billion net worth.

1. The Thomson Family

The Thomson Family continues to reach for the sky after developing a close relationship with the ruler of Dubai. The family is worth a jaw-dropping $36.76 billion net worth.