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The gateway to Canada's great outdoors, Thunder Bay is situated on the shores of the world's largest freshwater lake, embraced by the Nor'Wester Mountain range, Thunder Bay is a vibrant urban community in a wilderness setting.

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What do people in Thunder Bay like to do? Sports!

According to our statistics, people from this beautiful city mainly use their loans for activities lifefestyle and sports!

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Why I love Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay, the centre of Canada - Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

Thunder Bay, located in the centre of Canada, is a vibrant community with a metro population of more than 120,000 residents.Thunder Bay is industrious, knowledgeable and creative.

Every person has run short on cash at one time or another. The individual may have the funds they require, but they aren’t immediately accessible or it may be another situation completely. Several unexpected expenses could crop up, leaving the individual short on his or her regular bills, or it may simply be a matter of poor budgeting. Regardless of why a person needs cash fast, Captain Cash can be of help. People often overlook this option as they have heard negative things about personal loans of this type, yet they should not. A cash loan can be of great help in a difficult situation.

What Is a Cash Loan?

A cash loan is an unsecured loan, which means there is no collateral required to back the funds. As a result, lenders assume more risk. However, unlike many unsecured financial products, cash loans typically don’t require a credit check, making it a good option for those people who have bad credit or no credit. The interest rate does tend to be higher than with secured loans, as the lender is taking on this added risk. In addition, in the event a borrower does not make the payments as agreed, the lender may report this to the credit bureaus and take the borrower to court to recoup the funds.

What Are the Benefits of a Cash Loan?

Individuals who choose to take out a cash loan do so for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, cash loans tend to require little, if any, documentation. The application is very easy to complete, and the borrower knows within a short period of time whether he or she has been approved for the funds. Once approval has been granted, the funds are deposited in a very short time period, often on the same day. This allows the borrower to handle any pressing financial issues, so he or she can get back on track.
Furthermore, many individuals who have had money problems in the past find they won’t be approved for a traditional loan. This isn’t the case with a cash loan. Most borrowers who meet the basic requirements will find they qualify with no hassle. This ensures everyone has access to money when they need it most, not simply those who have outstanding credit. Cash loans help those who are often overlooked by conventional lenders, thus they have an important role in today’s economy. Many people fail to realize this.

Qualifying for a Cash Loan

Individuals 18 years of age and older may qualify for a cash loan in Thunder Bay or anywhere in Canada. Only adults can enter a legal contract, thus lenders will not work with children under the age of 18. Furthermore, the borrower must be a citizen of the country to work with a cash loan provider and must meet the income requirements established by this provider. Stable employment is needed to obtain a cash loan, and the borrower needs a Canadian bank account as this is where the funds will be deposited. To be eligible for the loan, this bank account must be active and a minimum of three months old. Individuals who are preparing to file for bankruptcy and those who have multiple cash loans already out will find they do not qualify for additional loans, and a cash loan will be denied to those who have several non-sufficient transactions. While these requirements may seem stringent, borrowers need to understand that they are in place to protect the lender. As there is no credit check, the lender cannot know who will and will not pay back the loan based on their credit history. The lenders must be careful in who they provide funds to through a cash loan.

Who Will Not Qualify

Certain individuals will be denied a loan before the application has even been run. This includes individuals who are on social assistance and those who are self-employed. Disability and other insurance income cannot be used to determine a person’s eligibility for a loan, and the same is true of child tax. Private pension payments and student loans will not be considered as income when a person applies for a cash loan either, thus borrowers need to make certain they get a cheque from their employer or take advantage of direct deposit. Those who do so should have no problem qualifying for a cash loan through Captain Cash.

Refusal of an Application

Individuals who have been denied funds often want to know why this is the case. It may be the borrower has an undischarged bankruptcy, as this prohibits him or her from obtaining cash using this method. Those who fail to provide the required documentation will also be turned down for a loan and the same holds true for people who lie on the application. Furthermore, a number of insufficient funds charges on the borrower’s bank account will lead to the application for funds being denied.

Choosing a Cash Loan Provider

Individuals should shop around before taking out a cash loan. Lenders do vary greatly in their requirements and repayment terms. For this reason, it is always best to do research to ensure the best product is found for the borrower’s unique needs. Captain Cash helps individuals every day who find they need cash fast and will be happy to talk with you to determine if a cash loan is the right solution. Many people will find it is exactly what is needed to get their finances back on track quickly.
Additionally, borrowers need to make certain they can pay the loan back as agreed. Taking out a cash loan should not lead to new financial issues. One reason cash loans have gotten a bad name is because people have borrowed money irresponsibly. If you cannot pay the loan back without coming up short each paycheck, it is best to look for other options. Captain Cash is here to help, but we should not be your first choice any time you run short on cash. Budgeting is key to a good financial situation, so make this a priority. When you do so and still run short, we are happy to help.

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